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Action plan: School Curriculum

Action plan: School Curriculum

The teachers' role is very dynamic and versatile, however, there are quite a number of conflicting expectations they face about the roles they should play. This makes the vocation of teaching one of the most challenging and demanding ones. Along with teaching in their curriculum area, the role of a teacher is to foster children's interest and facilitate learning in a positive manner. As a result, the teacher has the ascribed roles of mentor or role model, parent, caregiver, counsellor and a motivator, to highlight a few. In the society, the teacher very often, is given roles, which he does not necessarily believe is his. This often proves to be difficult for teachers, as the teacher has to perform his prescribed roles as well as those that have been ascribed.

This action plan would help to revolutionize the educational model to engage and support all students in a comprehensive participatory educational experience defined by rigorous? culturally relevant and accelerated learning opportunities where authentic assessment is paired with flexible instruction.

A teacher should analyze current instruction? course offerings? and pathways that offer accelerated learning opportunities with attention to demographics and outcomes. Using analysis of current instruction (#1)? structure instructional programs (including current remediation offerings) and create accelerated learning systems in light of the accepted definition of accelerated learning and best practices. They should implement professional development in the area of accelerated learning to advance an understanding of its definition and related best practices for students at all levels. Teachers should identify specific outcomes linked to newly devise accelerated learning systems (eg. a goal for an increase in minority and low income students' participation in AP programming. They should implement vertical teaming for AP instruction to be inclusive of all grade levels? ensuring intentional transition ...
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