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Individualized Educational Plan

Individualized Educational Plan

Individualized education Program (IEP)

There is certain child who may have some disabilities, hindering them for receiving the normal education which can be expected for a normal child. These challenged children can be entitled to IEP (individualized education programs) completely free of charge to public schools. Parents can be better advocates for their children if they know how to access these services, allowing their children to receive the individualized attention they may require to insure a decent education. Parents were able to be a much more curial part of their children's life and education, after the passing of the IDEA 2004 “Individuals with Disabilities Education Act”. (Porter, L. 2002).

Individual who needs an IEP?

A number of children who may suffer in school may need the program because of the need to be educated in a different way, which may be because of “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”, learning disabilities, cognitive challenges, autism, emotional disorder, visual impairments, development delay, language or speech impairment, and hearing impairment, etc. Better understanding can be made by consultation with staff that is involved in the assessment of the child (Bateman, B. 2006).

Objectives (Reading)

It will be a good step to suggest and encourage the reading of “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer” because of the depth the story offers in addition to the engrossing adventure.

Understanding will include:

The story connects us to an adventurous world

It helps us relate ourselves to beautiful adventure

It can inspire the reader to role play and read parts


The book “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer”

Old straw hats to get the child in the mood to role play

White board

A full sleeve shirt resembling Tom Sawyer's shirt


After the teacher and the student have read “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer”, the teacher should suggest that the student play the part of Tom is a role play by:

Dressing like Tom (hat and shirt)

By picking their favorite part from the book, which the teacher writes on the board

The student will read the part from the board like Tom sawyer would actually be doing in the book.

The teacher can help the student by reading the passage first so give the student a feeling of the read.

The student is encouraged to read.

The teacher makes correction during the student's efforts continuously.


It is important to encourage the student to play the part of Tom sawyer when reading the passage, to create a feeling of adventure and fun.

Discussion Questions

Discuss what the student would do if they were alone on an island like Tom Sawyer.

Ask the reason why Tom ran away from home.

Ask the student if it is right for Tom to run away from home.


Students can be evaluated by the following ways:

The students read the passage correctly with minimum mistakes

The student re-read the passage without making the mistakes made earlier

The student read the passage playing the role and acting as Tom Sawyer.


The students can have a small role play in which they can portray a part from the book, acting as the various ...
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