Effective Communications Training

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Trainer in a Given Situation: Effective Communication Skills

Trainer in a Given Situation: Effective Communication Skills


Information Technology

Date of Training

12 December 2011

Department Supervisor

Mrs. Angela J.

Desired Program

Effective Communication


The organizational goal behind this training it the smooth communication between project coordinators of the IT department

Effective communication between the organizational members will contribute to increased and uninterrupted communication. Consequently, there will be high staff morale and productivity. The primary benefit of this training will therefore be improvement in project management within the information technology department.

The skill gap primarily lies with the listening and non-verbal communication. These are two aspects of communication about which employees have little or no awareness. Although the employees are good at written communication, considerable improvements are desired in the area of spoken and informal modes of communication.

The evaluation for the training effectiveness can be gauged by examining the trainees through a Multiple Choice Question based questionnaire.

Target Population

The target population for this training comprises the employees in the information technology department. Specifically, the project coordinators will be the primary intended focus group for this training.

The estimated proposed class size for this training will be 10 members. 8 of these members will have their physical presence in the training room' the rest two will be taken live for a Skype session via internet.

The proposed training will have a single four hour session with two fifteen-minute breaks every ninety minutes.

A high understanding of communication process, modes, forms, and barriers pertaining to organizational communication is desired by the trainer. Skills will be required in the areas of classroom and audio-visual management, personality evaluation, and motivational power.

Type of Training

The type of program proposed for this training is task-related. That is, areas where IT coordinators lack with reference to the particular project they are working with are ...
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