Effective Principal Leadership: A Case Study In The United Arab Emirates

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Effective Principal Leadership: A case study in the United Arab Emirates



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This case study identifies what are the qualities and practices of an effective leader in school and the approach a principal uses in for leading her school through the educational reform in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Five years into an ambitious school reform plan launched by the government of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a “new school model” has been announced for state kindergarten and early primary grades with effect from the academic year 2010-2011, and extending annually thereafter to cover all grade levels. Amongst a range of ongoing pedagogic, curricular and school leadership reforms, a major new departure is the introduction of English as an additional medium of instruction alongside the existing medium of Arabic. This shift towards bilingual education is heralded as “a monumental step” by its architects, Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) (2010), the supra-government education body charged with reforming education in the capital city and eponymous emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Effective Principal Leadership: A case study in the United Arab Emirates

Aim and Purpose of the study

The aspires of the study are to analyze the features and practices of a principal in a school in the UAE and how the function of the foremost in the school enables alterations to be productive in the learning reform.

The goals of the study are to recognize if a principal in the UAE has productive leadership skills and is being adept to rendezvous the steps of the nations restructure agenda.

Key study inquiries in this study are: What are the practices and features of productive managers in schools? Are these practices and features present in a principal in the UAE? Can they lead the learning restructure of the UAE?

The reason of the study was to supply the participant localities for expert development and as well as supply study for the school to use and contemplate upon. The investigator was adept to use the study to advance her expert development by utilizing the study to convey out her function in the school reflecting localities for development, as well as distributing good perform discerned as a adviser of the participant.

The rationale for carrying out study was that the investigator sensed it was an opening to convey out study in this district as the homeland is undergoing restructure in education.

As Coleman & Brigg (2005, p.29) propose that there is a “Strong case for postgraduates to study the leverage of societal heritage on schooling and informative administration through discovering about other societies and heritage each ...
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