Effectiveness Of Digital Marketing Technology Within Smes

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Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Technology within SMEs



Gone are the days when television ads and radio announcements simply "pushed" products and pre-packaged marketing messages in front of and on to the consumer. Gone are the days when consumers had only limited venues through which to react to marketing communications and assert their individual voices. Today's digital world is an ever-widening two-way street on which the balance of power between marketer and consumer is perennially shifting, changing, even morphing. As a result, marketers have had to repackage their messages to fit the growing demands of evolving communication technology. The main objective for conducting this research is to investigate the concept of digital marketing technology and its implementation and impact on small and medium scale enterprises.




Research Background1


Aims and Objectives2


Digital Marketing3

Technology and Digital Marketing5




Research Background

The internet is an instrument that can be used for various purposes. In recent times, there has been an intense use of the internet in the realm of business, especially marketing. The industries are capable of benefiting extremely from the use of the internet, including various companies in the computer industry that are keen on marketing their services to a wider range of people also consumer and client can get the benefits to decrease the cost by using internet. Multimedia systems are being developed for a surprising and ever increasing number of applications (McElroy, Hendrickson, Townsend and DeMarie 2007, p. 809).

Even with these advancements, Internet marketing, which is sometimes called digital or online marketing, is still in its early years. However, this situation is sure to change due to the huge success of internet marketing. With the advent of new technology and media, advertisers and marketers will come up with more cost-effective strategies to reach their potential customers or audiences (McElroy, Hendrickson, Townsend and DeMarie 2007, p. 809). In order to attract these potential customers, marketers need to use various search engines and websites to develop their marketing strategies. By doing so, the marketers will be able to advent new channels of providing the information along with the entertainement to the customers. Will it ever become the dominant form of marketing? That depends less on the Internet industry and advertisers and more on the habits of people (McElroy, Hendrickson, Townsend and DeMarie 2007, p. 809).


Vodafone Group plc or Vodafone is a famous UK-based mobile phone communications corporation. Vodafone enjoys the status of being the world's largest company in the field of telecommunications in terms of revenue. When measured in terms of subscribers worldwide, Vodafone stands as the second largest company in the world, competing behind China Mobile. Statistical data of the year 2010 reveal that Vodafone had 332 million subscribers. Vodafone operates its networks in above thirty nations of the world. Moreover, it has partner networks operating in more than forty countries worldwide. In the United States, Verizon Wireless is the largest mobile telecommunications company in terms of subscribers, and Vodafone holds the privilege of owning ...
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