Effectiveness Of Digital Marketing Technology Within Smes

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Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Technology within SMEs



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Since the mid -1990s, the rise and development of online media have revolutionised the way in which individuals communicate. The world is becoming increasingly digital, networked, and interlaced by myriad communication tools that have taken self-expression to an unprecedented level. These digital tools have suddenly given nearly everyone not only a voice and a stage, but an audience as well. Now, more than ever, individual opinion matters. "We" are now exceedingly difficult to ignore. In the fickle, yet strangely systemic world of marketing and advertising, old models of push marketing have been radically altered to make way for more "pull-centric" approaches. Gone are the days when television ads and radio announcements simply "pushed" products and pre-packaged marketing messages in front of and on to the consumer. Gone are the days when consumers had only limited venues through which to react to marketing communications and assert their individual voices. Today's digital world is an ever-widening two-way street on which the balance of power between marketer and consumer is perennially shifting, changing, even morphing. As a result, marketers have had to repackage their messages to fit the growing demands of evolving communication technology. The main objective for conducting this research is to investigate the concept of digital marketing technology and its implementation and impact on small and medium scale enterprises.






Background of the Study1


Vodafone's Global Market2

Research Aims and Objectives4

Structure of the thesis5

Chapter I: Introduction5

Chapter II: Literature Review5

Chapter III: Methodology5

Chapter IV: Data analysis and Discussion6

Chapter V: Conclusion6


Business in the age of Digital Technology7

Consumers and Digital Technology10

Overview of Digital Technology12

Technology and Digital Marketing14

Advantages of Digital Marketing17

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing18

E-Marketing Strategy19

Relationship Marketing22


Secondary Research30

Research Aims and Objectives31

Data Collection Sources32

Validity and Reliability32

Ethical Concerns33

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