Effects After 9/11

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Effects after 9/11


September 11, 2001 is an event of the tragedy. This event has a great impact on the brain of the humanity and it's not possible to forget about that disaster moment that was taken place by some clod hearted terrorist. In order to attack on the highest building of the World Trade Centre this placed in the New York City and the Pentagon of the Washington, DC, the terrorists hijacked three airplanes. It was extremely lethal and destructive because it was not only the lost of economy, or created uncertainty in the surrounding as well there a thousands of people were died, according to U.S record almost around 3000 people were died in this terror. This was the largest attack on the soil of United State of America; around the world including the miss happening that was occurred in Japan, which was the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor. The event of 9/11 was made a clear pictured before everyone because of the live telecasting and the media improvement as the broad casting of the collapse of towers. The impacts on the country as well on the entire world were very high and deep. (Cooperation and Development, 2002)

It was an international operation to destroy or apprehended the peoples and the groups in order to execute the actions of the terrorism. President George W. Bush was declared a war against the terrorism just after these terrifying attacks against the United State of America. Aggressive measures were included in these campaigns, from the help and take the resources of the army and militaries actions in the Iraq and Afghanistan, to financial limitations in opposition to countries or groups consideration to anchorage terrorists, to official planning and improved intelligence-gathering actions. (Griffin, 2007)

President Bush publicized his purpose about commence a long-standing distasteful, a confrontation on terrorism, against those people or terrorists who made a plan to hijacks the planning that was responsible for the achievement of the 9/11 attacks, in addition to those states who gave them the financial and residential support like shelter and gave such places where they can easily practiced their weapons to destroy the all humanity, this speech was given in the evening of September 11, 2001. Not even a month was passed, a U.S. showed the way the partnership commenced an air physical attack at the place of Afghanistan, because they believe of that feeling that the countryside had been supporting these terrorist and also giving them the shelters especially them who were involve ion the event of the 9/11, Bush believed that behind this terrible attack there was a master mind is involved, the master mind of the Osama Bin Laden and his supporters Al Qaeda and its all terrorist organization was being live in the Afghanistan. After the one and a half year passed America attacked on the soil of the Iraq in the hope of finding these terrorist, there was a second armed conflict was seen before the operation against the ...
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