Effects Of Energy Drinks

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Effects of energy drinks

Energy drinks are getting more and more popular with each passing day. They assert that they make us brighter, full of energy, brings alertness, helps us improves ourselves in various sports. These drinks are usually sold in places like grocery stores, markets, clubs, and at schools, and high schools. However, if one asks a health specialist about the effect of energy drinks, they will not give you a positive answer. The reason being that these drinks have a extensive assortment of ingredients that are supposed to fill people with energy, but normally the main inspiring ingredients consist of huge dosage of things like sugar & caffeine. The herb namely, guarana, which is usually said as a factor for boosting energy, is a source for supplying caffeine & tiny amounts of related tonic alkaloids.(Bohlmann 1999, Pp.20)

Like the soft drinks, many energy drinks have sugar as a major ingredient. They contain high amounts of sugar as a source of energy. However, the drawback of processed sugar is that it breaks down fast in your organism releasing too much energy - more than your organism can process. This puts your body under stress as it tries to maintain its functions. The energy from broken sugars is quickly spent, your organism keeps working on high rates and burns the energy left in the body. This is why you feel extremely tired and fatigue after the boost of energy caused by sugar. They are high calorie ingredients, which contribute a lot to the gain excessive weight; this can actually weaken a person. Taking excessive amounts of sugar in daily live can make the sugar level to rise. It makes a rush of insulin, which in turn blood sugar very quickly. This thing can lead to hypoglycemia, problem of low sugar level in the ...
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