Efforts Of Zels Towards Prevention And Cure Of Zoonoses

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Efforts of ZELS towards Prevention and Cure of Zoonoses

Efforts of ZELS towards Prevention and Cure of Zoonoses


Foot and mouth disease is currently amongst one of those troubling disease that has currently responsible for causing various economic and other problems to mostly farmer and cattle rears by affecting their animals and cattle. Also known as Hoof-and-mouth disease, it is a viral infection disease that results in a high fever for several days followed with blisters on the feet and inside mouth.


A secondary method of research is adapted for this research. A total of 15 papers regarding the paper were read and selected. 3 of them were not considered because they deviated a little from the original topic. Four of the papers were filtered because they did not involve any relevant information regarding the current case scenario. Two of them were not considered because of they were written long time back.

Case 1: Strategic Case

Literature review

Foot-and-mouth disease can also infect humans through contact with animals infected with the disease. However, the chances of FMD in human are very slim. Some cases of a few individuals infected by the virus caused by some laboratory accidents did emerge. However, since FMD is caused by a virus that is sensitive to the stomach acid, consumption of meat that is infected will not cause the disease in humans. However, infected milk has known to kill two children in UK back in 1884, according to a news paper. Moreover, the damage done to the agriculture sector is also to be dealt with as the disease mostly affects the animals in rural areas. In addition, human's susceptibility to the FMD virus is also currently debated. In more than 40 human cases, the virus has been isolated. Hence the experts now have no doubt that FMD is a zoonosis (Bauer, 1997).

Moreover, a number of researches are conducted in order to find the affordable yet affective cure of the disease in many regions of the world. Many researches included the severe affects by reporting the death toll of both humans and animals and also related the problem to the unhygienic conditions in the rural agricultures areas caused by the industries located in those regions (Hunter, 2003). In addition, several studies have also explained the transfer of disease in humans from affected animals as pets (Patricia, 2005).Furthermore; several researches have also shown if a possible link exists between the humans infected by the disease as a result of consuming infected food. In short, several laborites are conducting various tests to find affective medicines and vacancies for the cure of the disease. Health organizations from all over the world conduct regular meetings for finding and sharing their researches the origins and in accordance the cure of the disease.

An introduction to the Scientific Significance of the Research

The disease of Zoonoses is turning out to be an area of concern for not just the animals and human victims and their families but also for many healthcare departments, laboratories and medical ...