Electrical Power Engineering

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Electrical Power Engineering

Energy and Sustainability with electrical power engineering

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Background of the Study3

Rationale of the Study3

Literature Review4

Distributed generation Systems4

Smart grids7

Renewable Energy8

Proposed Methodology10

Quantitative Research10

Qualitative Research11

Rationale for a Qualitative Study11

Time Line11


Energy and Sustainability with electrical power engineering


The main purpose of this proposal is to make an analysis on the energy and sustainability with electrical power engineering. Energy is a topic that remains on the international agenda and that the perspective of its use and its impacts has important sustainability issues such as security of supply with prices compatible with economic growth or involvement in anthropogenic climate change or population's access to basic energy services excluded (Borbely, 2001). All these issues are global and cannot be exclusively national or bilateral but multilateral treatment they need. In other words, what makes a country influence the other or in the aggregate, significantly.

Background of the Study

To ensure sustainable operations of electrical power engineering, environmental energy harvesting has been regarded as the right solution for long-term applications. In energy dynamic environments, energy conservation is no longer considered necessarily beneficial, because energy storage units (e.g., batteries or capacitors) are limited in capacity and leakage-prone (BODE, 2006). In contrast to legacy energy conservation approaches, we aim at energy synchronization for electrical power engineering.

Rationale of the Study

This study will be beneficial for the students, as well as the electrical engineers. The study will be beneficial for the university in the field of electrical power system analysis. The study will be helpful for the students in order to understand the different concepts of energy and sustainable energy (Alonso, 2005). Students and the electrical engineers will grasp the knowledge about the different concepts like smart grid and distributed generation systems through this research paper. This research proposal will also be helpful for the students and the professionals in order to get knowledge about the smart the use of renewable energy.

Literature Review

World-wide technology nowadays is mostly based on electricity. When we turn on the light, use a microwave or watch TV, we are consuming electricity whether we notice it or not. It is so generally taken for granted that ironically it is not uncommon for the average citizen to not see the factors revolving behind the supply of electricity to cities, and to the society in general. The entire planet is consuming more and more electricity as the time goes by (Graham, 2003). Therefore, it is not nonsense to say that electricity has become during the last century, a central stone for our civilization. From checking e-mail to using a telephone we are consuming electric energy. Generation of electricity is done as mentioned earlier in big power plants where other types of energies are transformed into electrical energy. These transformations may be from chemical to electrical energy as in a fossil fuel power plant, kinetic energy to electrical as in a hydropower plant, nuclear to electric, solar, etc. The great “tricks” are done inside the power plants, from where the electricity flows out in order for the other 2 ...
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