Electrodynamics Shaker

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Electrodynamics Shaker and Ling Dynamic System

Electrodynamics Shaker


The electrodynamic shaker is a commonplace tool for most readers of this magazine. Yet, many of us have never taken the time to really understand the subtle mechanisms at play in the operation of this workhorse. This article attempts to rectify this oversight by presenting some basic experimental observations from several viewpoints.

Ling Dynamic Shaker Function

A product may be as small as a cell phone or as large as a space satellite, but its testing and measurement are vital. That is where the expertise of Ling Dynamic Systems (LDS) comes into its own.

Represented in the UK by LDS Test and Measurement of Royston in Hertfordshire, LDS is a part of the SPX Corporation, a US-based global provider of technical products and systems. The company has four R&D sites and two manufacturing locations in Europe and the US, and it serves customers through direct sales locations and via local representatives in over 80 of the world's countries. Offering a broad range of products and a wealth of experience, it is well positioned to meet the many different application needs in the testing and measurement world.

In the field of test systems, the company provides the solutions that customers require for their quality testing and design improvement processes. It can furnish laboratories with shakers, power amplifiers, vibration tables and digital vibration controllers, supported by full capability vibration control and analysis software. In addition, its systems are designed for use with environmental chambers to allow accelerated life cycle testing and stress screening.

System application

A range of vibration systems designed to minimise operational costs whilst providing the maximum flexibility for the test engineer. Featuring:-

Lightweight, high performance armature design

25.4 mm (1”) Continuous displacement - V790 - 50.8 mm (2”)

Choice of amplifiers; linear or switching

Advanced PA linear amplifiers featuring FET output and excellentrandom performance

HPA-K switching amplifiers incorporate advanced MOSFET power devices and hybrid circuitry

Microprocessor-based control with clear LCD provides simple set up and display of system parameters

LDS equipment complies with European & USA safety and EMC regulations

Easy, self-installation - simply plug directly into the mains supply

Total system solutions

Used with a DSC 4 Sine Controller or DVC48 Sine, Random and Shock Controllers, and one of a range of standard or customised jigs and fixtures, LDS can provide a total testing solution. The LDS range of instrumentation is described in our vibration control systems brochure.

Alternatively, all LDS vibration systems are designed to interface with any standard third party controller. Whichever route you choose, you can be assured that all LDS products will be supported by our unique international customer training and after-sales service anywhere in the world.

LDS' low cost, single-phase linear power amplifiers support LDS' permanent magnet shakers, and when used with an external field power supply (FPS 10L) also support LDS V500, V600 and V700 series electro-magnetic shakers. Plugging directly into the mains, they are easy to install and operate.

LDS new HPA-K amplifiers are designed to support both LDS V600 and V700 series ...
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