Electronic Addiction

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Electronic Addiction

Electronic Addiction


Electronic addiction has increased with leaps and bounds in recent year's people are watching more television kids are playing more on video games and people are working more on computers daily. Social networks on the net have increased the traffic even more with the advent of face book, Skype, twitter and MySpace electronic addiction has reached to unsurpassed levels. What is it which is missing in our lives or within ourselves which contributes to automated need to insensitive or distract ourselves? One's addictions and varying abuse/over-use behaviors always serve some purpose and make some sense as they are an unconscious attempt to try and heal or hide pain.


Electonic addiction may not be recognized as harmful but has a number of ill effects people working on their lap tops or children watching television all day and night can add up to a lot of concerns these harmful waves in the television , computers and even cell phones can cause headaches, drop in eyesight, a brain tumor together with leucosis in the worst case. Moreover, sitting in front of computer without exercising makes the teenager unhealthy. However such it is not the only harmful cause of computer addiction. In addition it comes to computer game addiction, the situation gets worse. Violent computer graphic games such as Star Craft, War Craft or Counter Strike which are also connected with internet make teenagers - especially boys- think aggressive towards the real world. (Together witherson et. al. 2005) A growing trend is internet computer addiction among teens. It is not a positive trend, unfortunately, however negative. This kind of addiction among teens is very often destructive and one that could have a major impact on not only the computer addict, however on his or her family and friends also.

Young people of today find the internet and computers the most important necessity. They need the internet and computers to do research for their assignments. If you don't have a computer you will get left behind in this information age. Internet addiction among teens is not specifically targetted towards the teens themselves, even children in lower grades will require a computer to research their assignments, however it all leads to one thing - computer dependency.

If a parent needs to combat internet computer addiction among teems, how are are they going to do it without confiscating the computer and depriving their children of it? It is not going to be possible to stop their teens in going anywhere near a computer. Computers are at schools, internet /computer cafes and with friends. These are just some of the challenges faced by the parents of teens who are suffering in computer and internet addiction.

So, what sort of signs do parents of teens addicted to the computer have to look out for? Internet computer addiction among teens ranges in being addicted to computers to wasting hours and hours in chat rooms. Either way, the teenager is living out a fantasy ...
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