Electronic Health Records

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Electronic Health Records

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Benefits of EHR4

Benefits of Meditouch4

Integration of Meditouch with other Information Systems6

Data Entry and Data Retrieval8


Implementation Process for Electronic Health Records9


Identifying an EMR vendor10






Staff Training12

Maintenance and support12



Electronic Health Records


Healthcare is a vital component of every economy. It has the potential to make or break an economy. Governments spend massively for increasing the performance of healthcare sector. With increased competition, all industries are now moving towards electronic equipment (Find the Best, 2012).

The computerized systems enhance the efficiency of operations. There is a vast improvement in the processes. Healthcare sector in USA is now being shaped around electronic mechanisms (Jamoom et al, 2012).

The Healthcare industry is currently going through a rapid transformation. With the introduction of electronic medical records, there has been a quick turnaround in the healthcare sector. Technology has also had a positive effect on healthcare sector as well. Electronic Medical Records ensures that the database contains medical history of each patient (Anonymous, 2011).

Every patient would have a different medical history. When locating a specific medical record, it can be easily found because of a centralized database. Before the advent of Health Information Technology, it was a time consuming process. Physicians were not having any idea about the medical history of their patient.



The latest innovation in the field of Healthcare has been the introduction of Meditouch. It is one type of Electronic Health Record which has a number of benefits for its users. It is not only web based but also offers touch screen functionality. Users are now more inclined to use Meditouch because of its user friendly interface. All the services are under the palm of the user. One can easily navigate through all the features easily. Not many products have been launched with these features.

Earlier the traditional methods in the healthcare industry used to take a lot of time. With the introduction of Meditouch, there has been a remarkable turnaround for the healthcare industry as a whole. Meditouch is highly differentiated and caters to a wide market. Its features are user friendly and thus the user is very comfortable with using this device.

Benefits of EHR

Electronic Health Records not only offer advances in medications but also the areas of charting, problem lists, Electronic Prescribing are incorporated in it. Meditouch has been customized according to the required needs of the customer. He can easily customize the features according to his needs. Personal Charting Preferences can be set by the user according to his preference.

Meditouch has got the required certification in order to alleviate any concerns the users might have had. Whenever Electronic Health Records are mentioned, Meditouch automatically springs to mind. It has key differentiating features which no other device offers.

Benefits of Meditouch

There are a number of other benefits which come with Meditouch. It is not only considered a device but it performs the function of being a practitioner. It does not let the patient feel the absence of a practitioner. Patients can use Meditouch from the comfort of their ...
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