Electronic Medical Record

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Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has emerged as a technological leader that supports the best workflow in clinical content. It is an electronic record related to health information of a patient that can be gathered, created, consulted and managed by doctors and nurses within a health care organization.

It is actually a computerized medical record that is designed within a hospital or a health care organization to facilitate the patients as well as their concerned doctors and nurses. Electronic Medical Record is considered as a part of a local health information system that permits storage, recovery and alteration of records. It provides help in order to improve patient care, and to manage the functions and financial records. EMRs ensures better and safer healthcare. It has the ability to save complete medical record of every patient. Now no one has to worry about remembering the detailed record of their patient. Clinicians from everywhere can observe a patient's hospital stay, blood test, and X-ray. They do not need to visit the patient every time because EMR is providing them the solution that can be easily accessed on their finger tips. This smart software can even guide the doctor to diagnose the diseases. Prescribed doses and drugs will be computer-vetted in the hospital working against each patient to prevent medical errors that lead to patient's critical condition.


How access to information is important to the delivery of nursing care and how it will benefit the nursing staff in their work with patients.

In this existing situation the main objective of nurses are to provide best-practice health care that is cost-effective, evidence-based and efficient. Clinically reliable data should be easily provided to the nurses in a simply accessible manner that is adapted for every individual use. The circumstance, in which a nurse performs her duties within a delicate care organization, in main care significantly, identifies the requirement and utilization of the information.

It is considered to be very significant in this rapidly progressing situation for the academic institutions, healthcare facilities and information providers to be completely acknowledged with the requirement and importance of the information and the suitable ways to access, manage, and consume that information by nurses.

Nurses are supposed to be one of the most significant elements of the procedure that comprised all the activities including patient treatment and providing care. The EMR is considered as a key element that consist all the benefits of nursing profession in order to simplify their jobs.

One basic reason for nurses to implement this technology of electronic medical record is that it supports in improving and enhancing the consistency and level of patient care. There are many ways in which EMR is providing benefits to nursing staff, some of them are as follows:

Handwriting Translation

As nurses are using electronic records, so these are being used by the physicians as well. With the implementation of EMR, handwriting is no more a challenge as everything is mentioned in the data record (Joellenbeck, Russell, and Guze, ...
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