Elicos Placement Test

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ELICOS Placement Test

ELICOS Placement Test

Section A: Grammar

1. Yuki Kato is from Japan. ___She's_ an ELICOS student

(a) You're (b) She's (c) It's (d) I'm

2. He's a student, isn't he? You're also a student, ___ aren't you _?

(a) you are (b) are you (c) aren't you (d) you

3. 'Where is Professor Truong now?' 'He __ is working __in Ho Chi Minh City'.

(a) is working (b) are working (c) work (d) working

4. I speak French and Robert ____ speaks __Russian.

(a) is speaking (b) speak (c) speaks (d) speaking

5. I'm sorry. I ___ don't _understand you.

(a) doesn't (b) not (c) no (d) don't

6. I speak English. What language __ do you speak __?

(a) you speak (b) do you speak (c) speak you (d) does you speak

7. Why __ didn't you come _ to the cinema with us last night?

(a) you not come (b) not you come (c) didn't you come (d) came you not

8. Please hurry, there's not ____ a lot of _ time left.

(a) some (b) a lot of (c) a little (d) little

9. He started learning English 5 years _ ago _.

(a) since (b) yet (c) after (d) ago

10. 'Would you speak _ more slowly __ please'.

(a) more slow (b) more slowly (c) more slower (d) slowest

11. Come to my party on Saturday night and ___ bring _your friend too.

(a) carry (b) bring (c) get (d) taking

12. I haven't been to France__ for years __ .

(a) for years (b) by years (c) for years ago (d) since last year

13. I was doing my homework when you ___ phoned _.

(a) was phoning (b) did phone (c) were phoning (d) phoned

14. The lecture was difficult but very _ interesting __.

(a) interested (b) interesting (c) interest (d) interestingly

15. By the time I got to school, the class ____ had started .

(a) had started (b) started (c) has started (d) had been starting

16. __ Even though _ the exam was difficult, he scored 95%.

(a) Despite (b) However (c) As though (d) Even though

17. To be successful in a reading test, you ___ must _ read the instructions carefully.

(a) need (b) have (c) ought (d) must

18. He called to see me just as I was ____ about __ to leave.

(a) think (b) plan (c) about (d) around

19. The students won't be able to pass the course ____ unless _they attend

all classes.

(a) unless (b) otherwise (c) except (d) but

20. I wrote to the University __ asking __them for some information on business courses.

(a) applying (b) enquiring (c) asking (d) demanding

21. I have to get up at 6 o'clock and so ___ does __ my brother.

(a) would (b) should (c) does (d) do

22. You __ had __better set your alarm clock so that you don't sleep in!

(a) had (b) should (c) would (d) did

23. By this time tomorrow I ____ will have finished ___ my assignment.

(a) will finish (b) am finishing (c) finish (d) will have finished

24. I hope you don't mind me _____ telephoning ___so late at night, but I'm having trouble with my ...