Emergent Literacy

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Emergent Literacy

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Field Experience3

An Emergent Literacy Perspective4

Early Literacy Development5


Emergent Literacy


The term emergent literacy has been used in recent decades both by researchers and teachers of early childhood education to appoint a new approach to the evolution of reading and writing for early literacy development. This approach considers all forms of behaviors related to reading and writing achievement of pre-conventional literacy. In this view, infants know enough about reading and writing long before conventional handle these processes.

It speaks of emergent literacy given the tendency of both researchers and educators reflective teaching practice, to think of reading and writing as something that emerges from within the child to develop to a greater or lesser extent according to their experiences with written language. This position underscores the importance of a rich literate environment that offers variety of opportunities for interaction with the reading and writing due to the emergent literacy.


Field Experience

For the study, field experience is done in which one and a half hour is spent with the two teachers in the early elementary grades that is PreK and 2nd grade to observe them. In the class room practices of teachers were observed for the educational philosophy.

An Emergent Literacy Perspective

The emergent literacy perspective is gaining influence in the United States as a way of studying children's literacy acquisition. This study interprets emergent literacy research in light of the John Dewey. First, the report compares the emergent literacy perspective to the more traditional reading readiness perspective, and then it describes the John Dewey perspective and applies it to emergent literacy according to the observation. Although there have been objections to the reading readiness concept from the beginning, they have become more apparent in research and theory building in the last 15 years. A principal reason has been the perspective termed as emergent ...
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