Emirates Bank

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EMIRATES BANK - Code of Ethics

EMIRATES BANK - Code of Ethics


Emirates banks is the leading banking group in UAE region. It was formed in 2007 by the merger of Emirates Bank International and the National Bank of Dubai. Emirates bank is aiming to enhance value across corporate, retail, investment, and Islamic banking across the globe. Emirates NBD Group has its global presence in different nations which include UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, few branches in South Asian Countries (India and Iran), and Singapore. Emirates NBD aligned its strategy to be recognized as dynamic and leading financial services provider globally (Emirates Bank, 2010). Emirates bank is the leading banking service entity in the Gulf region. Emirates NBD Banking Group has effectively positioned itself in the corporate sector. Affiliation with Islamic banking entities, investment in public, private, and social sector; expertise in asset management and brokerage services positioned the bank as consistently delivering value to the customer and return to its shareholders, employees, and stakeholders.

Code of Ethics

Emirates Bank is a socially responsible corporation that always aims at giving back to the society and stakeholders. It has defined the principles and rules that guide the actions of its employees and participating members towards the corporate social responsibility activities that specifically focus on addressing the social problems. Bank has defined in its code of conduct to be a true believer of social role and actively takes part in social activities such as education, charity, art and sport, culture, and environment (Abed, 2003). Emirates Banking Group concerns itself as the presenter of UAE Culture and heritage to the external world where it operates in. Bank has taken certain initiative to support activities for the protection of UAE Culture. Emirates Bank launched a pearl museum in the Gulf region in 2003; in addition, Bank considers the protection of societies economically and financially as its social responsibility (Emirates CSR, 2010).

Code of Governance

Emirates Bank has a separate code of conduct for its employees and Executive Directors. It has devised a proper code of system which is detailed in its code of Governance to clearly explain fundamental standards of professional ethics, conformity to international and regional laws, operational rules to direct the actions and set expectations for its employees and stakeholders (Emirates Bank, 2010). Bank has clearly stated its concerns in its code of conduct to resolve real conflicting situation that serves its private interests ...
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