Emotional Understanding And Productive Leadership

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Emotional understanding and productive LeadershiP

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

Emotional intelligence can make a great leadership. As a great leader to be successful in business, several abilities are necessary, such as being able to deal with people, working in pressure, managing multiple people, working on different projects and jobbing in cross culture situations. Emotional intelligence also helps us make better decisions and lead people more effectively to achieve our goals and theirs. A leader that has high degree of Emotional intelligence is more likely to be successful than a person with high IQ but lack of social and emotional skills.

Some persons believe that managers are born, and that there are persons that are born with high emotional intelligence. But the truth is that most of the times emotional intelligence can be learned through our lives - extended practice, experience, and feedback. You can develop this ability by making different exercises in coaching for the brain. People that can increase their E.I. can cope with difficult situations more effectively and understand other people problems as if they were in their shoes.

In my opinion, Emotional intelligence is science, artist, and experience with regard to feelings management - since I am a MBA student, please allow me to us the word management. That means - Self-awareness is recognition of our feelings, Self-regulation is control of our feelings, Motivation is creation of our positive feelings, Empathy is recognition of others feelings, and social skill is communication of our own and others' feelings.


Self-awareness requires a leader to recognize and understand their feelings honestly. However, it is not so easy to recognize your feelings accurately, because our feeling constantly hide not only in our brain - consciousness, but also in our heart - subconsciousness. By using logical, systematical methods, we can easily identify, analyze and summarize the ingredients in consciousness, but difficultly do so towards subconsciouness. Moreover, it is less than result to learn that from books. It is all about you, your feelings. So you must appreciate your feelings from your experience, your daily-life.

Self-awareness also requires a leader to recognize how their feelings affect them, other people, and their job performance. It includes the results of your feelings towards yourself, other people and your working performance. So the experience here is not enough - you must learn to observe the result affected by your feelings, to think over your feelings take what kinds of results, positively or negatively, and to answer how and why - you must persistently reflect your feelings affection based on feedback from yourself and others.

The most exciting and the difficult is that self-awareness extends to a person's understanding of his values and goals. The most exciting thing means if you self-awareness your values accurately and firmly. You will become clear mind for your efforts in your work, life and study. You are mostly easy and peace to deal with adversity or fortune since your heart becomes full of power with your values and ...
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