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[Empirical Auction]



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Chapter 2: Literature Review

Theory building

Exploratory study is an important component of the development method idea. Handfield and Melnyk (2003) recounts the process of developing theories starting with pierced and stripping, the advancement of cartography and construction of connection, validation and extension idea idea / refinement. Exploratory study is proposed to develop the existing table of the idea and recognize new variables, which constitute the empirical basis for linking the idea of truth [Eisenhardt, 1989] and [Flynn et al., 1990]) and guide future research. The aid of this study is one of mapping and construction of connection. It characterizes the value in the online auction through the identification of the ambiguity and price as variables that emphasize value customers leverage. " This literature review examines previous theoretical developments in three relevant areas: characterizing value, quality and dealer feedback, and risk.Defining quality

Value has been widely accepted as an important component of the value ([Cravens et al., 1988] and [Zeithaml, 1988]), but researchers have not converged on a delimitation parent (Sousa and Voss, 2002). They have, though, a distinction between the dimensions of the value of the goods and the dimensions of service quality. Garvin (1984), the value of the product dimensions of performance, features, etc. provide a basis for understanding the scope of product quality. Parasuraman et al. (1988) and Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons (2000) include attributes such as reliability, responsiveness, assurance, etc. to form the cornerstone for understanding service quality. The list of dimensions of service value has been changed by Grönroos (1988), Silvestro and Johnston (1990), Finn and Lamb (1991), Collier (1991), Cronin and Taylor (1992), and others. recognize that certain dimensions of service quality may not be applicable in the online context, Zeithaml et al. (2001), Burke (2002), Madu and Madu (2002), Parasuraman and Zinkhan (2002) and others have suggested dimensions of value added online services that address site design and presentation issues. These dimensions include such things as affordability products, specifications of goods, access to customer service, etc. (Burke, 2002).

In an agenda for consideration on the future value, Sousa and Voss (2002) recommended two items for consideration. First, they suggest the use of multidimensional assessment of quality, concern (of Garvin, 1984) that the results of a competitive advantage of understanding between the importance of a market assigns a value dimension and special presentation of the organization on this dimension. Second, and of greater importance for the reasons of this study, Sousa and Voss (2002) suggested the use of different definitions of value in different contexts, encouraging investigators to ...
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