Employee Selection And Performance Appraisal Practices Of Profit Organization

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Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal Practices of Profit Organization

Executive Summary

In this report, we have discussed the Employee Performance and Selection processes used by Organization Z. After research, it was discovered that Organization Z uses Interviews, Ads, Effective marketing, Online Job portals, Case study analysis, and problem solving test as a means of selecting and recruiting employees. Organization Z uses Rating Scale to measure and evaluate performance of employees and offer them proper training and focuses on feedback to improve employee's future performance and provide career opportunities.

Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal Practices of Profit Organization


This report discusses the Employee Selection and Performance Appraisal processes specific to a profit oriented Oil and Gas organisation. This organisation requested to remain anonymous and will be referred to as Organisation Z for the purposes of this report.

Organisation Profile

Organization Z is one of the leading incorporated Oil and Gas Company. Organization Z is involved in the business of conduction and dissemination of natural gas along with erection of high-pressure conduction and low-pressure dissemination systems.

Organization Z 's transmission structure is comprised of over 3,220 KM of high-pressure cylinder ranging from 12 - 24" in width. Its distribution activities cover over 1200 towns and are organized within its regional offices. Moreover, the company possesses and operates the various gas manufacturing plants in the country, which have a yearly manufacture capacity of over 750,000 meters (Organization Z website, 2012). Organization Z is succeeded by Board of Directors for policy guidelines and overall control. Currently, its Board consists of 14 members.

Employee Selection Process

Recruitment and selection is that activity of Human Resource Management (HRM) that involves attracting and fitting the right person to a specific position (Dale. M., 1995). Recruitment highlights each applicant's skills, talents and experience. Their selection involves developing a list of qualified candidates, defining a selection strategy, testing and checking, thoroughly evaluating and checking candidates, and selecting the most suitable.

At Organisation Z, there are a number of stakeholders in the recruitment and selection process including the candidates, line managers, and the human resource department, titled People, Learning and Culture (PLC). This section of report considers the current recruitment and selection processes of the organisation and provides recommendations for possible future improvements to these.

Attraction and Advertising

Job advertisements serve the dual purpose of attracting candidates while also screening out applicants who are inadequate in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job (Feldman. D., et. al. 2006). Attracting candidates involve developing an advertisement, which is circulated internally or externally through various streams depending on the position. These streams include online websites such as job portals and online job ads, which the Line Manager stated are most successful for administrative roles, newspapers, and the organisation's website.

For internal roles, Organisation Z posts the advertisement on their e-recruit system which employees can log on to view. External recruitment is posted on e-recruit as well as on the websites or newspapers depending on the role, and recruitment agencies are occasionally used. Using the logo in the newspaper is more effective than having ...
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