Employment And Economic Growth

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Employment and Economic Growth


Recent global crisis immediately had a severe impact on the financial performance of countries. Reduction in economic activities resulted in escalating the unemployment in the country. Majority of jobs were diminished and unemployment dramatically increase up to 480,000 jobs termination in just two years period. Official statistics by the US government shows that unemployment in the country reached 9.5% level by the year 2009 (Washington Post, July 2011). In this concern, role of political parties is the fundamental argument of the State to justify the balanced approach to regulations implementation, and stabilizing the problems intensity in nations with modern economic policies, setting the tax policy structure, monetary and budgetary changes. This allows the market to operate freely, while respecting the rules of economical movement. This paper represents the role of government, media, and impact of government legislations to increase employment and economic growth on public opinion.

Political Ideologies on Unemployment and Economic Growth

Economist Isaac Cohen stated that unemployment in the country remained around 9% (Washington Post, July 2011). This means that the economic recovery is still not strong enough to give employment to all people who became unemployed in the recent recession situation.

Serious actions were taken by the US government in past two years to revitalize economic growth in the country and the employment level. This involves implementation of budgetary measures and creating alternative policies to instigate economic factors growth (CBO, 2). Lack of continuity in policies, often within the same period, have created changes in effective implementation of government policies. In order to have full control over the situation resulted due to recession in economy, government approved multiple legislations to safeguard the interest of people and protect the economy stabilization. Government quickly changed financial plans to assimilate a guideline when it imposes a new direction.

US government cabinet members ...
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