Employment And Policy Law

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Employment and policy law

Employment and policy law

Q1. Explain why such unprofessional conduct exists today and what needs to be done to effectively address such conduct.

Ans. Unprofessional conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following: "(a) Gross negligence; (b) Repeated negligent acts; "(c) Incompetence; The administration of treatment or the use of diagnostic procedures which are clearly excessive as determined by the customary practice and standards of the local community of licensees;" Wilfully betraying a professional secret or wilfully violating a privileged communication except as either of these may otherwise be required by law. This paragraph does not prevent members of the board from exchanging information with the licensing and disciplinary boards of other states, territories or districts of the United States or with foreign countries or with osteopathic medical organizations located in this state or in any state, district or territory of this country or in any foreign country.

Q2. Provide a short plan for administrators to adopt to address misconduct with a criminal justice organization. Briefly summarize ethics and misconduct.

Ans. Official misconduct involves wrongdoing by a public sector official (including police) in carrying out their official duties or exercising their powers. It must involve one of the following — dishonesty or lack of impartiality; a breach of the trust put in a person by virtue of their position; or a misuse of officially obtained information. It must also be a criminal offence or serious enough to justify dismissal of the person from their position.

The ethical-legal landscape has become so complex employees do not, in many cases, possess a clear idea of what is right or wrong, legal or illegal. Consequently, a re-emphasis on the code of conduct or ethics policy as it relates too areas such as antitrust, price discrimination, managerial conduct, export, intellectual property infringement, whistle-blowing, inappropriate gifts, and the like is a must (Heller, J. Murphy, J., Meany, M., 2001). The ethical programs will educate and explains how these values are to be applied in representative situations. Also, the ethical programs will communicate our commitment to ethical behavior throughout the organization as it relates to the situations.

Regulatory Compliance, Development of Ethics Program and Ethics Strategy for sustainabilityThe results from the outside agency audit on our regulatory compliance were now ready and after reviewing the findings; they have provided us with areas for improvement in compliance.

Also, with the outside agency audit recommendations we have decided to establish a new group within our organization comprised of Health Safety and Environmental, Accounting and Finance, and Human Resource personnel to ensure compliance with existing regulation, as well, as conduct audits to assure compliance with corporate policy. They will be known as the Compliance Assurance Group. We are now training our new Compliance Assurance personnel. They will also be tasked with developing plans and programs that need to be established within the organization to ensure that the organization is in compliance with all such regulatory ...
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