Employment Relationship

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Employment and Industrial Relationships in Australia



Employment and Industrial Relationships in Australia



This paper intends to explore the concept of employment relationship. The main focus of the paper is employment and industrial relationship in Australia. Further, it compares the industrial relations of 1980 with the current industrial relations and how the changes have been occurred since 1980 in the industry. In addition, the political economy of Australia is also examined in the paper.



Employment Relationship

The employment relationship can be defined as a relationship based on an agreement between the employee and the employer .an employee who entered into an employment relationship shall be subject to the internal code of conduct and the employer is obliged to provide it with working conditions in accordance with the law, collective or individual employment contract.

In addition, the employment relationship may also arise from the actual assumption of the worker to work with the consent or at the request of the employer, even if it has not issued an employment contract.

Every person shares a relation with his or her colleagues in the organization. This relation can be good, so-so or disputed. The relation can be between anyone in the workplace - between employees, co-workers, managers, superiors and so on. It is vital for all the employees to maintain a healthy relation among themselves in order to deliver best performances.

A person spends most of his hours in the workplace and it his most time with. Conflicts and misunderstandings will only add tensions and stress in the workplace and among the employees. It would also gradually decrease the productivity rate. It is vital for the organization to maintain a healthy environment in the workplace. No person can work in an isolated environment. He needs the support of his fellow co-workers in order to bring out his best results (Bach, 2002, 319 - 339).


Driving Forces for Employee Relations


The culture prevailing in the organization is a vital driving force for the employee relation, since employees come from different cultural background, and they need to work in a healthy environment, which can bring out the best results in them.


Top-Down Communication

Top-Down communication is necessary in an organization. The employees need to feel that their opinions are not left unheard by the management. They must feel they are an important part of the organization and the management value their opinions.



Organization polices are also factor that drives the employees' relation. These policies should promote an effective relation among the employees, co-workers and the management.


Learning Environment

Learning environment can prove to be effective for any organization, as employees to continue to grow and evolve in the organization, and such an environment is created where learning is the key to success


Four Models of Employment Relationship

The Egoist Employment Relationship

The egoist employment relationship refers to the rational agents that pursue individual's interest in the work and it is much linked to the main stream economic thought of neoclassical (Smith and Boyer, 2001).  Income and Leisure are considered to be the main stream objectives of the Employee, while the employer's objective ...
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