Employment Relationship

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Employment Relationship

Employment Relationship

Task A: Individual Rights

Internal and External Factors That Impact on the Employment Relationship

Manifestation of man's relation to man's relationship to labor work is an important factor in the organization of interaction between staff and improving efficiency of production / employee relationship to his work is characterized by motivation, self-employment success and satisfaction with the labor of human behavior / self-employment success of satisfaction and motivation, in turn, are characterized by internal (personal) factors of the employee. The external manifestation of the relationship to work related labor behavior and social activity card / main criterion affecting the expression of the relationship of the employee to work; is motivation, which is a set of internal and external driving forces / 54.

Types of Employment Status

There are three types of employment status - you could either be a 'worker', 'employee' or 'self-employed'. Your employment status will help define what rights and responsibilities you have at work. Find out the basic employment rights for each employment status.

Reasons for the Importance

To answer this question, we must determine whether a person is working under a contract of service (employees) or under a service contract (self-employed, independent contractor). For tax purposes, and network cards there is no legal definition of the service contract or service contract. The parties call their relationship, or who believe that it is not conclusive. This is the reality of relations that matters (Bennett, 2007, 65).

To determine the nature of the contract, you must apply the general principles of law. The use of employee status, whether they are employees or self-employed is not a matter of choice. If someone is working or dependent self-employed under the right conditions and national insurance contributions (NIC) regulations, however, contain some special rules that apply to certain categories of workers in certain circumstances. See the section on special occasions.

If you work for someone else, it is important whether you are working on that person with proper authority or self-employed independent contractor. If you are an employer, it is your responsibility to correctly determine the employment status of their employees. Employment status of the employees determines the tax burden on income from employment or self employment. Also, define a class of network cards, which must be paid (Light, 2004, 35).

Task B

Work - Life Balance

The "work environment" is a term for a comprehensive list of all that matters affecting the Group and its performance and efficiency at work. While the focus, of the employee to that environment and satisfaction of them, the senior management on the other side that focus on "profitability" as a measure to achieve the goals established.

And the importance of "working environment" Search many academic studies of the relationship between job satisfaction and profitability, and these studies concluded that there was a strong correlation between satisfaction with the work environment and profitability. In this sense, published the "economic" for the second year in a row "list of the best work environment girl" because of the work environment is important for the advancement staff and increase ...
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