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Gothic Literature

"The Gothic Provides a world where the writer can explore the transgressive while is appearing to retain the moral ground.”

Gothic Literature

Gothic is traditionally a surplus of writing. This surplus may have several different forms. It can be scary in the dark and terror place of the detailed description. Association of Gothic culture is typical of the surface, many members were wearing black, a rare hair, often wearing black lipstick, nail polish, makeup, make them appear pale, strange. Self-introduction, self-expression can be seen as a "performance” to build a constant "impression” as such in gothic (Encyclopedia article, 2009).

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Never prevail over evil, because good always overcome it. A good example is the Bram Stoker Dracula because of the book expressed the essence of good vs. evil. Dracula wants to come to London because he wanted everyone to become a vampire. The basic background of the book is when Dracula Jonathan Huck, one who is sent to Transylvania to complete the transaction with Dracula so that he could come to England real estate agent (James, 1999).

The Bram Stoker's Dracula published in history began in 1897, but the event is mainly unknown. In the ensuing years, the book has become, according to Davidson, "the rare pop culture is one of the canonization of the novel. (Jack, 2002)This analysis of Stoker's original work, but also ushered in the famous monster has been in our literature and culture have influenced (Amy, 1999).

There are many twentieth-century novelists who have dealt with vampires, but not as well as Stoker. Ever time vampires, bloodsucking creatures still always come to mind, even if the character is dramatically changed the way movies and other films. Dracula Figure infiltrates our culture the concept of vampires (Mark, 2005). Writers who consciously choose not to subvert it by imitating it affects the plot structure and model representation often deal with.

Although the general idea is immortal vampire myth the most fascinating aspect of Rome, Dracula back to students suspended, prompted them to re-evaluate their prior assumptions about vampires. Has been a monster of Beowulf from the Western literature from the properties, but seem to have any particular interest in modern monster imagination, especially the vampires. Transcendence, Dracula as a monster originally envisaged, has the image of his living in the terrible loneliness. But his death is a tragedy? (Nicholas, 1998) In The Death of Dracula, the vampire's death should not be regarded as a tragedy. After all, he died of 'natural' causes, and left a legacy of his descendants, one is dark and powerful.

Davidson's collection attracted from various sources to create a vampire is to stoke fear and culture from that day, the uncertainty of a comprehensive review. However, the article is also a vivid work as the last real importance of the Gothic novel, as the representative of the period, as a work, beyond time and place.

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