Enhancing Employability

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Enhancing Employability in Marketing

Executive summary

This module encompasses the understanding of the significance and trends of the graduate employment in UK. In this module, it has been widely discussed that how should a graduate enhance his employability skills. Moreover, to what extents those skills play a pivotal role in ensuring his employment in one of the most renowned organisations in the region. Moreover, the basic requirements that the employer seeks in a graduate for the employability and trends that employers have undertaken for the recruitment and placement, are also a substantial part of this module. Furthermore, this module encompasses the marketing skills possessed by me and how can those skills enable me to win a secure position in the prospective graduate employment.

Enhancing Employability in Marketing


As the world has progressed, so has the trading and business sector. This incessant development in the business and trading domain has not only changed the structure of our societies but also the course, via which the trading and business activities were earlier executed. Another vital imperative is globalisation. Globalisation has played a vital role in not only altering the functioning of the corporate sector, but also lessening or decreasing the barriers among numerous countries, which has opened a total new door for business and trading sector, paving the course for international business.

This competition exists in two ways; firstly, among the firms, and secondly among the workforce itself that is constantly striving to win their ways up to the corporate ladder. However, it is not only the existing workforce that is the victim of this brutal competition within this sector, but also the potential workforce that is endeavouring to find its way to enter this magnanimous sphere.

This extreme competition requires the potential employee to pitch him/herself in the best manner to corporations, in order to secure an entry into this domain. The way an individual presents him/herself in terms of qualifications, aptitude, learning, potentials etc, determines his/her probability and likelihood of employment. However, in the recent past corporate sector seems not to be content regarding the workforce that is joining them. Therefore, these corporations along with numerous educational institutes in the regions have endeavoured to devise numerous programs that may guide the graduates and the potential employees, to enhance their employability in the best believable fashion.

Enhancing Employability in Marketing

As discussed earlier, the world has gone under numerous changes and so has the corporate sector. Along with these changes, have come the changes in the employment practices and the demands from the business world, regarding the adept and diligent workforce, especially the fresh graduates, for inclusion in the existing workforce. However, there are numerous aspects that play a pivotal role in enhancing a fresh graduate's opportunities and probabilities for their employment. Such as the demands from the employer, the appropriate pitching of the student of his/her image, the capabilities and experiences endured by the graduate and much more.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required By a Recent Graduate

It is highly imperative that a graduate knows before hand his/her ...
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