Environmental Issues

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Environmental issues


In this research paper, there is a discussion about environmental issues which are due to diesel emissions, asbestos and other factors. This paper also discusses about the toxic effects of dangerous chemicals and how these chemicals affects human lives. This research paper also presents solutions to prevent from such toxic wastes. It is essential to consider toxicity in environment because it can lead to several health hazards.




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Environmental issues


The problem of air pollution in calm weather conditions is discussed in the paper. The plume rise of exhausted gases, containing a gas pollutant is investigated when the wind velocity is equal or close to zero. The main goal is to offer a relationship for predicting of the effective stack height in such a case. The factors that influence the plume behavior have been defined. A numerical experiment based on a PHOENICS software package simulation has been performed for data collection. A simple mathematical model characterized with a very good accuracy has been worked out for plume rise calculation. There are several health risks and hazards associated with diesel engines especially due to oxides of nitrogen and particle emission (PM) (S. Edwards, 2005). There are also certain ways to control the exhaust of diesel. Today, diesel emission control can control all the gases exhaust from diesel engine, such carbon mono oxide, hydrocarbons, matter, oxides of nitrogen and air pollutants. With the help of these controls, air quality can be made better.


It is important to understand the disposition of toxic compounds as it can be absorbed by the biological systems. Toxic compounds can be absorbed in human body by cell membrane, transportation of toxic materials through cell membrane. Absorption may affect skin, and lungs. It can also affect the excretion system such as urinary excretion. There are four processes of disposition of Toxic compounds. These four processes are absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

Toxic compounds are always come into contact before they show their affects. The contact is basically through cell membranes. Each cell membrane is of different characteristics having different structures, number of proteins and cholesterol. Toxic substance can pass through pores by the process of filtration. Small molecules pass through the membrane which is formed by proteins. Absorption is mainly dependent on the lipid solubility. The compound must be non ionized in order to have the process of diffusion. There was a banned on using DDT with agricultural products in 1970s and 1980s and this ban had started with Hungary in 1968. There was a complete ban in usage of DDT in United States, in 1972 but, it was not banned in United Kingdom until 1984. DDT was replaced by number of insecticides with few effects on animals. The ban was encouraged by number of countries including United States and most environmentalists also appreciated it.

The fuel gas passes through the quencher to cool down there and reach the saturation temperature. It is washed out with the neutralizing agent such as sea water in a ...
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