Environmental Review Report

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Environmental Review Report

Environmental Review Report

Task 1

Methods for Environmental Analysis

There are different procedures for environmental review, depending on category project is: Buy or categorically excluded activities not subject to 24 CFR 58.5, categorically excluded (and subject to federal laws and authorities), subject to evaluation activities environmental activities and Subject to the Declaration of Environmental Impact.

HUD Field Environmental Officers have developed recommended formats for all levels of environmental review completed in accordance with Part 58. RE must use current HUD recommended format or equivalent format (Sec. 58.38) (RE formats can develop their own environmental review, but content of these formats should be equivalent to HUD recommended format)

Many states have developed their own forms and procedures for State CDBG program to be used for environmental reviews.

In general, make sure you understand that forms are required in your jurisdiction (by either HUD or state) and what procedures to follow.

• exempt activities or categorically excluded activities not subject to 24 CFR 58.5 As the minimum, the written description of activities and events in relevant section of Part 58 should be placed on Register of Environmental Assessment (RRA). HUD has provided categorical exclusion Suggested Format for activities not subject to 24 CFR 58.5 of documentation. (Review suggested format.) No review or approval of HUD or State is required. In addition, RE should address, in writing, whether or not requirements of Flood Disaster Protection Act Coastal Barrier Resources Act, and / or provision of 24 CFR 51 303 (the) (3) (for sale disclosure or buying an existing property in an area of track Delete or clear zone) were applicable.

• It is categorically excluded activities for 24 CFR 58. 5 For activities deemed categorically excluded, but subject to other related federal and HUD officials have provided format suggested categorical exclusion of activities subject to 2, suggested format)

After review, which found one of following

? ? project becomes exempt [Sec 58.34 (the) (12)];

? ? project can not be converted to exempt and requires issuance of the N to request release of funds and obtaining approval of HUD, or

? ? unusual circumstances of project may result in significant environmental impact and requires preparation of assessment in accordance with 24 CFR 58, Subpart E.

In addition, RE should address, in writing, whether or not requirements of Law on Protection of FloDisaster, Costa Barrier Resources Act, and / or provision of 24 CF51. 303 (the) (3) (disclosure for sale or purchase of the track or clean zones Z Clear

Environmental Assessment Activities subject to environmental assessment must document co NEPA and related federal laws and authorities

following procedure should be followed:

1. Determine existing conditions, describe nature, characteristics and resources of project area without project.

2. Complete HUD format or equivalent recommended to use format recommended by your state.

3. To assess effects of project or activity on human environment. 4. Address alternatives to preferred course of action, including no action and alternatives considered but rejected. 3. On basis of review, one of following findings:

? THE statement of No Significant Impact (FONSI) or

? THE statement ...
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