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The mysticism of wedlock initiated from the word of God who is the Christ and all the saying which he stated. In case of understanding the true relation and essence of marriage one has to look for the word of God and Jesus Christ. God gave the human beings a practical implication of marriage, by creating Eve from Adam's ribs and making them into a relationship which is sexual yet divine. Here, God showed the ultimate difference of sharing a life with the one you are marriage and living as life with and sharing a life with someone other than a human being. The wedlock in Christianity is something that is mentioned in the bible and stated by the God. Reflections to human beings are also given in terms of portraying Adam, Eve along with the presence of Jesus Christ.

From the very beginning Christians variously respect matrimony as a ritual, an agreement, a blessed establishment, or a promise. The foundation laying on the Western customs of marriage or wedlock of Christian following the teachings of Jesus Christ know the relationship of marriage a lot better.

'So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate'. 

The Christian often marries because of the theological reasons. According to Christianity marriage is the most beautiful relation made by God. The Bride according to the Christian religion is the sacred church whereas the groom is Jesus Christ. This shows clearly the sacred and profound relation of marriage is according to Christianity.

'Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.'

The above words clearly state the true meaning of life when a person grows up as an adult. Either a girl or a boy, as soon as the person becomes an adult he or she eventually wants to settle in his or her life.DiscussionCreation of Adam and Eve

God has created Adam and kept him in the Garden of Eden all alone, this was according to Genesis. After this in verse, 18 the Lord mentioned that a man should not be alone and needs a helper. Therefore, God then made a helper for Adam. This line never meant that the Garden where Adam was basically a difficult place to cope up with neither it was a condemnation of the fellowship of Adam with his God. Here, the point clearly explains that God wanted a sharing person with man (Adam). God has clearly explained from these lines that he wants man to share all his given wealth and bounties with the other person God have created for man. God said that no person is complete till he is conducting grace between the other person and God. This other mentioned should be a human being and not an animal or any other species. Whereas, on the other hand, none of the people who are single should conclude that this type of thing can only happen in marriages. Here, the point should be made clear that there is a ...
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