Ernestine Wiedenbach's Theory Of Clinical Nursing

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Ernestine Wiedenbach's Theory of Clinical Nursing

Ernestine Wiedenbach's Theory of Clinical Nursing

Ernestine Wiedenbach was born August 18, 1900 in Hamburg, Germany. Her family moved to New York in 1909. She received the British Academy of Wellesley College in 1922, R.N. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in 1925, a master's degree from Columbia University Teachers College in 1934 and certified nurse midwife from the maternity center association school nurse-midwife in New York 1946, which also taught until 1951. Wiedenbach joined the Faculty at Yale University in 1952 as an instructor in maternity care (Nickel, 2006). She was named associate professor of obstetric care in 1954 and an associate professor in 1956, when the Yale Graduate School of Nursing created pursuant to which she directed a major maternal and newborn health nursing. She is the author of the books are widely used in nursing education. Wiedenbach retired in 1966. She died March 8, 1998 (Nickel, 2006).

Wiedenbach believes that there are four main elements of clinical nurses. They included: philosophy, goals, practices and art. Wiedenbach conceptual definition of nursing practice, patient needs for assistance during the observations represent the behavior and symptoms of the content of this patient's symptoms to determine the cause (s) of discomfort, and to determine the patient's ability to solve any discomfort or if the patient has a need for assistance from nurses or other medical professionals (

Maintenance consists primarily of determining the need for patient care. If you need assistance requires intervention, the nurse facilitates the plan of care, and creates and implements nursing plan of care tailored to the needs and desires of the patient. With assistance, the nurse teaching common sense through deliberative, practiced, and educated recognition of symptoms. Perception of the patient's situation is an important factor in nurses with assistance by ...
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