Essay On Optimist, The House Behind, Aren'T You Happy For Me?, Are These Actual Miles? And Gorilla, My Love

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Essay on Optimist, The House Behind, Aren't You Happy for Me?, Are These Actual Miles? and Gorilla, My Love


Alcuin a learned monk, an expert on grammar, rhetoric, dialectic, who moved in 60 years of age to the court of Charlemagne). As the oldest monuments of the Anglo-Saxon language, the major poems reaching us from the XI century, except for the nature of documentary material, chronicles, legal texts. The writers of the Christian clergy processed some pagan poem. The most remarkable monument of ancient English poetry is the poem of Beowulf (Guagliardo). It describes the events that are related to the first half of the VI century, the era of struggle francs from the Goths .


Another well-known English writer and critic - Peter Ackroyd - said that for a long time, Contemporary English Literature was in the shadow of the U.S. but in recent decades, there have been ways of understanding self-worth of British literature (Davis). The works of English writers in our time with amazing clarity reproduce all the nuances of English society, as if doing it the first time. However, the literary process in the UK is determined not only by the interaction of realism and postmodernism. There are many other phenomena which must be borne in mind for those who wish to objectively evaluate the picture of modern verbal art in the British Isles. In the west there is a literary paradox (Carver). Three decades ago the emphasis was on developing the English novel. Today, this definition does not occur so often.

But in parallel in the first half of this century was the development of modernist aesthetics. In modernism gained primary importance model, form and Myth. Both of these methods, according to Bradbury, at the end of XX century. largely exhausted itself in meeting the ambitions of the researchers of human nature. The golden age of Anglo-Saxon literature before the invasion of the Normans, the era of Alfred the Great, winner of the Danes, for nearly two centuries ravaged Britain (Bambara). Alfred did much to restore the destroyed culture, to raise the education, he was a writer and translator. In the second half of XI century England is subjected to a new invasion of the Normans. It falls under the sway of the Normans, who for several centuries in England claimed dominion Norman dialect of French language and French literature.

Dreamy, in love with the nature of a poet of small events, which he knew how to do sublime and touching it with his friend Coleridge [1772-1834] was the representative of the flow in Romanticism, which contributed, along with a love of nature, a simple artless language, images of patriarchal antiquity, contemplation and reverie. The third poet lake School - Southey [1774-1843] wrote in the spirit of his friends, joining a fantastic picture of the exotic countries of Mexico, India and Arabia to the idyllic images of the lake poetry (Guagliardo). And poets are fond of the lake school revolution, but not for long. Wordsworth and Coleridge traveled ...