Essay On “treading Water In A Sea”

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In this modern world, the technology resources have penetrated deeply in our lives and we feel incomplete without them and without being updated by the latest information. The information and data, as it was not in the past, now chases the humans. In past, our elders had to request the internet resources to get their access to the updated information but now the information is just one click away from us in our browsers. The main idea behind such fast development of the technology was to assist the people and users to stay updated and leveled up with the growing world. However, it has been noticed that this development has somehow affected us negatively and has made lives hectic. People are now so much involved in all stuff that their natures have changed. The reading habits have changed a lot. The users now do not feel like spending time on reading a whole article and look for the summaries and notification, which might tell them the main idea of the article in just 2 to 3 lines. Many blogs and social sites have been developed in the recent past, which have been included in the habits by the internet users. The information now pushes itself toward the users. The users of the technology resources especially internet users and bloggers ignore their self-management over the importance of managing the information that they access daily. This attitude has become the reason of many medical cases of the bloggers and internet users. Since human mind is extremely good adapter, it has adapted to keep the pace with the growing internet development but in return it has got a lot of mental stress and un-sustainability (Peter, 2008, pp.104-106). These resources pile up burdens of information on the addicted users. The attitudes need to be changed keeping the fact that one should not get ignorant to the information that has helped the nations and communities a lot in developing.


The wired magazine in 1997 announced the death of internet browser and predicted the advancement of push information. The main concept was that the web would expand its roots beyond the limits of the browser (Carroll, 1997, pp.04-12). Many new applications were predicted to be invented which could entertain the push information concept. The passive medium of the information was predicted to change to an active medium where the information follows the users instead of the users following the information.

The predictions announced by the wired magazine, up to some extent, have failed to be true but it seems as if they will be true by very near future. The wired magazine has proven to be correct. The computer screen is still the medium of information through websites and other internet resources. Other devices such as latest mobile phones, media on television etc have also played a critical role in spreading information. The internet browser has surely grown. Information follows the users through arrays, which categorize the information for ...