Essentials Of Managed Healthcare

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Essentials of Managed Healthcare

Essentials of Managed Healthcare

Q,1 How can content and process motivation theories best be combined in practice?

Motivation - the process of creating a system of conditions or reasons that affect a person's behavior, directing it to the desired direction for the organization, governing its intensity, the boundaries that encourage exercise integrity, perseverance, diligence in achieving goals.

Content theories of motivation, is the system of research, paying attention to the content of the factors underlying the motivation. These include: the theory of needs Abraham Maslow, Frederick Herzberg two-factor theory, the theory of Alderfera Clayton and David McClelland. The content theories of motivation produced the grouping needs and their hierarchy.

The theory of needs Maslow; His theory of motivation training includes the following main ideas: an unmet need for prompt action, and if a need is satisfied, it took the other, the needs that are closer to the bottom of the "pyramid", require priority of satisfaction. The theory of two factors F. Herzberg. This theory is represented by two factors: conditions of work and motivating factors. Factors conditions are the company policy, working conditions, salary, interpersonal relations in the team, the degree of direct control over the work (Katzell, 1975).

There are a number of theories that say about how the construction process of motivation and how to motivate people to achieve the desired results (a process theory of motivation). The theory of expectations answers the question why people do this or that choice, when confronted with several alternatives, and how he is motivated to achieve results in accordance with the choices. This theory can be formulated as a theory describing the dependence of motivation on two things: how many people would like and as much as possible for him to get what he wanted to get, in particular, how much effort he is willing to spend for it.

The process of motivation in the theory of expectations as it develops from the interaction of three blocks: force (a consequence, the result of motivation), performance (a consequence of the interaction of effort and personal capabilities and state of the environment), the result (a function that depends on the performance and the degree of desire to get the results of a certain type).

Q.2.What is the relationship among individual motivation and satisfaction and an organizations ability to coordinate work?

Job satisfaction is of interest to employers and continues to be studied since it is considered to be ...
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