Ethical Dilemma In Marketing And Supply Chain Management

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Ethical Dilemma In Marketing And Supply Chain Management

Ethical Dilemma In Marketing And Supply Chain Management


Ethical dilemma

In order to conduct the business in a successful manner, the managers of the organizations are required to carefully concern the ethical issues in their business practices. There are various ethical challenges that are faced by the business organizations in today's era. In today's fast pace of competition, there is a sense of war among the organizations to get the higher sales and profit margins and in doing so many of the organizations are overseeing the ethical issues in their business practices (Michael, H. Hugos, 2011, pp.217). Particularly in the marketing and supply chain management area of the business, there are number of unethical issues that are being practiced by many organizations to achieve their desired goals.

The marketing supply chain management is the aspect that has a direct association with that of the customers. The unethical practices are not useful for the organizations in long run. The managers must develop the policies for the implementation of fair and ethical practices so that they long run customers' loyalty and satisfaction.


Justification of an ethical dilemma in a business situation

There have been always the issues regarding the ethical dilemmas in the business practices and in today's era, these dilemmas have been further increased. The following are the ethical dilemmas that are most common in the marketing practices.

The ethical dilemmas in approaching customers

The new emerging companies as well as the multinational organizations are using unethical approaches to get the attentions of the customers. The bio data of the customer are extracted from various resources, the direct emails are sent to the customers and they are being called through telecommunications. The customer usually dislikes these marketing practices and this decreases the customer satisfaction.

The hidden costs in the prices of the products and services

The organizations are using different pricing tactics to attract the large number of customers and to gain the highest market shares. The costs are kept hidden in the advertisings and when the customers purchase the products or services, they have to pay higher prices than that of the prices that are mentioned in the advertisings. It is also a big concern for the supply chain management. The suppliers of the product charge extra costs from the retailers than it is defined. The information technology can play an important role in maintaining the prices till the goods are transported to the customers (Avraham, S. and Reuven, K. (2009, pp. 115).

The cold war attacks in advertisings

It has been clearly noticed that the organizations target their competitors in their advertisings. For instance, the blurred pictures of the competitors' products are shown in the advertisings and also it is tried to prove the organization's products or services as well as the prices are better than that of the competitor's products, services and prices.

In the context of supply chain management, there is usually a cold war among the suppliers and the retailers for getting the higher reputation and for this they take ...
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