Ethics And Confidentiality

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Ethics and confidentiality


In the discipline of the nursing profession, ethical principles are defined as practices for the protection of privacy and confidentiality of human subject participants. Ethical principles in the investigation of the survey are to protect the participant (s) starting at the beginning of the recruitment of study through participation and data collection, dissemination of research results a way that is confidential, private and respectful. (Paul 1999) These guiding principles of accepted research practices that apply to the conduct of quantitative and qualitative methods in survey research. (Martin 1999)

Discussion of Example

The example described the situation arises when paitent Kim insisted that acceptance of the gift was a photo of your child. Being a caregiver who is supposed to be nice to paitent and provide mental relaxation. This made him accept the gift of paitent. clinical ethics and organizational ethics are evolving gradually such well-known when we talked about our current welfare system of care. (John 2002)

Breach in confidentiality

Protecting the privacy of patient information identifiable health is the first issue of ethics Force Oversight Council discussed. By selecting this theme, the Supervisory Authority considers the rapid evolution of health informatics and the possibility that these developments have to protect both patient information and enable quick violations, massive, and in silence, possibly, patient confidentiality.

When the evolution of computing potential health was assessed and considered along with increasing public concerns about privacy of medical care and the perception that there is a fundamental ethical obligation to carefully protect the information given to providers health care trust and by necessity, the Supervisory Authority found that privacy protection was a clear example of an ethical obligation to be covered by the health care system.

Ethics and confidentiality in nursing practice

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to all nursing codes in all cases the key word ...
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