Ethics And Technology

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Ethics and Technology

Ethics and Technology


The purpose of this report is to know about the Ethics in technology, as they were specified in the society and corporate world. Himma defined it by various ways and it suggests many ways to use of the technology in an Ethical way. She defined it as “Ethics in Information Technology are the ethical decisions that a technology user must make fundamentally different than those facing the ordinary person? No, because it is difficult to resolve competing interests no matter what the nature of action or behavior is contemplated” (Himma 2007).


Selected Company

Ladas is the trademark which is sold in Western Europe, the car of the automaker Russian Avtovaz (acronym for Fabric Automobile of the Volga) in Russian: Volzhskiy Zavod. Today 25% of the Ladas brand Auto VAZ and then joined the group Renault.

Auto VAZ was acquired for 25% by the Renault which in 2010 during the Moscow Motor Show presented model Ladas R90, which is the version of the Ladas brand Dacia Logan MCV that differs only in the style of the grille. 

Problems Faced by the Company

When looked at from within, it is apparent that things are not going very well at this organization and there are a number of issues that are of hampering the effectiveness of the management of information across the organization. The reason here is the lack of automation of the system. The management of company information is currently undertaken manually and the manual nature of the system means that there are a number of issues relating to speed of delivery of information and reduction of productivity. The present system is ridden with errors and exhibits a high propensity of this could have a devastating impact on the company in the long run. The company's issues are regarding the lack of security and risk of errors.

Security Issue

The important company documents are currently stored in file cabinets and can be easily accessed by unauthorized persons. The documents could contain important financial information that could be easily accessed by unethical persons and then provided to competitors that would be able to compromise the progress of this car manufacturer. There does not survive any kind of security mechanism to prevent such access.

The Selected Area of Technology

The problems that have been identified have to be addressed in the most effective way possible and to do this, it is recommended that Avtovaz adopt the use of a management information system in order to be able to manage the dissemination, storage, processing and retrieval of information. In essence, it would mean totally replacing the present system with the new automated system that is likely to solve most of the problems that are being faced by this organization.

Management Information System

In this section, the management information system technologies will be explained. Within the sphere of information technology, there exist a number of very different technologies that are specifically designed to accomplish a number of different tasks and in some cases, these tasks are related. Information systems technology is a facet within the sphere of information ...
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