Ethics As A Computer Forensic

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Ethics as a Computer Forensic

Ethics as a Computer Forensic


The environment of technology information is one of the changing and dynamic environments in the modern world, and like many other branches is not exempt from the commission of crimes and piracy, which upsets the order of business at the same time can harm the system computer. The objective of this work lies in addressing the problems related to computer ethics, in order to clarify the principles governing it and facilitate the understanding of all ethical dilemmas generated by the computer.

The computer forensics or computer forensics or digital forensics is a branch of forensic science. IT forensics deals with the investigation of suspicious incidents involving IT systems and the adoption of the offense and the offender through acquisition, analysis and evaluation of digital tracks in computer systems. Meanwhile, the investigation of computer systems in terms of a substantive evaluation of the information stored in connection with "traditional" crimes, but also established for the purpose of tax investigations.

At present the use of computers is increasing and thus the use of Internet has become a necessity to perform various activities of social life and work.In this increasingly globalized world, people have the need to keep in touch with the society around them, which, thanks to the Internet achieved. However, one should not forget that the Internet is a network of communication unregulated, which leads to the perpetration of unethical and illegal activities detrimental to society. Like many other professions, computer science has been the need to reflect on an ethical particular. (Casey, 2008)

The goal is not only to analyze the impact of Information Technology and Communications (ICT 's) on the values human, but to propose a conceptual framework for understanding the ethical dilemmas that causes the computer also to establish a guide when regulation exists to use the Internet. To be competitive in the long term we have to first be ethical and based on this search competition in the company. Therefore we mention that we are walking a very thin layer of ice, where there are few who have enough experience on the issue of ethics, legal and political ultimately arises the need to impose restrictions on information flows. The competition involves giving information and management information raises complex moral and ethical dilemmas which are the responsibility of managers deal with them.Discussion and Analysis

By far the scientific and technological development in this century been driven by interests linked to the desire for world hegemony of great powers, the demands of industrial development, as well as patterns of consumption that produced and diffuse from societies that have marked the advance in the process of modernization. So states and transnational corporations are among the major players in science and technology. (Phillip, 2009)

A brief enumeration of the ethical problems of cyberspace offers the following list. The privacy, not so much the possibility (real) system failures causing email messages going to wrong places, but rather the intentional interference. This involvement could range from a coworker to read our documents to the ...
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