Ethics In Criminal Justice

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Ethics in Criminal Justice


This assignment will be discussing the three law enforcement agencies and how they are different from each other. The ways they are operating, also we'll look into the public feedback in order to find out about any suggestions that are need for these agencies. The agencies that are being discussed here are Florida Highway Patrol, 2-City departments (Mascotte and Clermont), and FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement).

Ethics in Criminal Justice


In the US, there are many law enforcement agencies, but we are highlight these specific agencies that are Florida Highway Patrol, 2-City departments (Mascotte and Clermont), and FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement). All these agencies have different criteria's of operating and dealing with complaints and other problems. In order to improve there services with the community, it's important to look at the services of the officers and if there is any miss conduct by these officers these needs to be complained. But there are certain procedures behind it, so specific actions can be taken regarding it. That will lead to the betterment of the community and the area they are dealing with.


Comparison between the Complaining procedures

FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

The Florida department follows certain rules regarding filing the complaint. Depending on the status of the employee that if they are temporary or permanent. But there process is a bit lengthy as the main source of filing a complaint is just by mail that contains the authentic details of the person who is filing the complaint. And the written description should be clearly defined and then in response they will be sending a reply that it is received. From there onwards the case is forwarded to the internal affairs for investigation and comes up with the results in 45 days. To look over the case and the follow up, they are assigned to the case specialists. The complaints are closed down if the officers are not guilty but if it is the fault of the officer and they are held guilty for causing any misconduct the cases are forwarded to the agent officers that result in suspension, probation, or reprimand. If any illegal act is done by the officer, certificated can be revoked. The Florida department of commission is made up of 19 people that include sheriffs, officers and civilians. In order to review these kind of cases they meet 4 times a year, in which the officers are also allowed to show up so that they can make any statement according to their behalf.

The investigation is then presumed by the employment agencies, these com plaints should be genuine and contain official characteristic because it will the reported to the staff commission or the specific subsection. After the investigation has taken place then they'll decide further actions that the officer has to face such as arbitration, civil service appeal, criminal or civil action, or employment hearing administrative . but if further accusation or violations are held against the officer with in the period of 45 days ...
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