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Ethnography of Gold's Gym Fitness Club

Ethnography of Gold's Gym Fitness Club


Conforming to the health and wellness philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, Henri Bergson and Andre Bazin with ethnographic work in the role of fitness clubs, this essay presents an ethnographic analysis of experience. They described the role of fitness as social development part, based of time that act as creative duration of emergence. Setting that has been chosen for the analysis is Gold Gym fitness centre, located in California. There are many franchises of Gold's Gym fitness centre in California. Specific site chosen to assess the social construct of people in setting is located at 700 W. Hamilton Avenue, Campbell, California (Gold Gym, 2011a).

For this research, interviews were conducted from regular visitors of club fitness. Main research subject of the study were club members who make regular visit to the club. I stood in the exit corridor gate from where people leave the fitness club. I visited the fitness club in the morning because this is the time when working people visit the club prior to going to their office, and women visit the club after completing their early household chores. Second visit was placed in the night time when majority of people visit the setting for extensive fitness exercises.

For this research, quick interviews were conducted from regular members of club fitness. They were asked questions regarding the service quality and environment. Through fitness club, many people achieve their fitness goals and are now living healthy and active lifestyle. The fitness equipments provided by club fitness are of modern technology and the trainers in fitness club are ever ready to help the customer in need.

Local Culture

The formal rules of club is to provide and creating a safe, comfortable environment for optimal training. These rules are binding on all members and guests of the Club. In case of violation of the rules, Club Management reserves the right to take the necessary action to the extent of deprivation of the Club's membership (Gold Gym, 2011b). Current rules of the Club are always available on the reception.

Formal rules that guide the behavior of people in the setting extend in multiple dimensions to normalize the behavior of all individuals (Alters, 2009). Under these rules, no club member is allowed to eat inside the premises of club, except waiting room. Members are not allowed to engage in exercises without proper gym shoes. The clothing will generally be the sports, not allowing access to the room in topless clothing. It is mandatory to use the towel while using the Gymnasium equipment. To access the gym, membership card is required that is not transferable (Gold Gym, 2011b). All members are required to carry their card and needed items in their hand bags. No material of the gym can be taken to home. Once the material has been used, it must be left in its original place. For any abuse of the equipment in the room, the management reserves the right to refuse admission (Housewright, ...
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