Eudora Welty

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Eudora Welty


On April 13, 1909, a child was born in the state of Jackson, Mississippi in the US. She grew up to become one of the most successful short story writer and novelists of her time. This girl was Eudora Welty. Christian Webb Welty was her father who belonged to Ohio. By occupation her mother, Cherina Andrews was a schoolteacher in West Virginia, so literacy ran in the family. The family then moved to Jackson as the executive of Lamar Life Insurance. Eudora had two siblings who were her younger brothers.


Eudora was born and raised in Jackson. The place has great influence on her writings and her fantastical story towns resemble her birthplace. She graduated from Mississippi State College for Women. The next stop on her learning journey road was the University of Wiscons to get a bachelor's degree in 1929. Other than her writing skills, she also happened to be a photographer and did some breathtaking photography during the great depression in WPA (Yaeger, 1984).

On her father's insistence to do something more permanent, she took advertising course from Columbia University of Business and landed a job later on at World Progress administration. Her advertising work at Works Progress Administration allowed her to travel throughout Mississippi. Being curious about people and characters, she was influenced by what she saw on the road. So she took a large collection of photos of people and developed those herself in her kitchen. These photos were first exhibited in 1936 and then again in1971. Her photography work was acclaimed and published in 1971 by Random House under the banner ''One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression.'' Her work depicted her sense of careful observation to detail in everything and not just her writings.

Before becoming a full time writer, she also wrote for her local ...
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