Evaluating Career Paths

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Evaluating Career Paths

Evaluating Career Paths

Objective of Research Paper

The primary aim of this paper is to evaluate three career paths, which are Business Administration, Data Protection and Forensic Psychology, with regard to authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage.

Background of Research

Career path is the way to our future work life. One spends about 8 to 10 hours working in office therefore, it is very important to choose a career wisely that suits his or her personality, abilities and traits. One must determine where he wants to see himself in early days of education so that he or she could take courses and learn various skills and gain knowledge accordingly. However, various services are being offered now a days, that includes tests and interviews to help students determine and identify their actual capabilities and interests. Career planners and counselors are present in the market to guide students in this regard (Best. J., 2011).


With regard to the research paper objectives, we would discuss the following career paths in terms of chosen criterion to decide regarding suitable career.

Business Administration

The career in business administration is more relevant to managing a business or conducting business operations. It may also include taking significant business decisions. The broad job tasks of business administration can further be divided into the functions of human resource management, financial planning, budgeting, and information technology development. A job of business administration is widely associated with the job of an administrator, a commander, a leader, a manager or a supervisor. A degree in Business management or administration may lead to the following career paths:

Finance manager

Business analyst


Human resource manager

Payroll manager

Chief financial officer

Accounts receivable or payable clerk

IT manager

Data base manger

Credit manager or analyst

Education manager

Hospital Administrator

Event manager etc.

(www.generation-europe.eu/, 2012)

A business administrator has a great deal of tasks to manage pertaining to business. These tasks can significantly affect the profit or loss of an organization; therefore, we can say no job is easy. With respect to authority, a business manager is liable to answer the upper or top management for his decisions, investors and shareholders. This job has a formal chain of hierarchy involved at every step. In terms of objectivity, a business manager must take fair and wise decisions, he should make decisions that are compatible with organization wide objectives, thus, and he should set clear, specific and measurable goals. With respect to salary or currency, business management is one of the highest paid jobs and a job that has massive growth and is required almost every where in the world. With respect to coverage, this career covers a vast number of jobs in business organizations throughout the world.

Data Protection

The career path of data protection is more down towards protection of data in order to combat with data theft and reduce the chance of personal data being used without prior permission. However, in some jobs, data protection is comprehended as a means of ensuring the accuracy, correctness and secrecy of data. It must comply with the set standards and legislation in any business ...
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