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Evaluation Essay: ICT resource for Chemistry Classes

Evaluation Essay: ICT resource for Chemistry Classes


Use of computer has enhanced meaningful chemistry learning and developed learning environment. Despite successful computer utilization in classroom, practices are still relatively rare. Although, many countries have increased the number of computers in schools during recent years. However, still few teachers use computer in classroom practice, software often does not fit textbook and the curriculum pattern is poor. Researches have shown that there is still a long way ahead before implementing ICT in classroom practice. Some studies have revealed that the integration of ICT in classroom practice has been low by chemistry teachers around the world. Furthermore, there are barriers integrating computer use in schools curriculum.

Moreover, there are various factors that influence on the use of ICT in science education: the infrastructure for ICT in science education, the principal's views of ICT in the school and the external parameters affecting philosophy/practice. Also, Fullen identified factors such as: the characteristics of innovation (e.g. need for innovation and its properties), local characteristics (e.g. chemistry teachers' ideas, support and school context) and external factors (e.g. the national framework curriculum in chemistry). As stated, the most factors contributing to the advancement of innovation is the availability of infrastructure resources such as: hardware, in terms of the number of computers in the school available for students and teachers for educational purposes, the quality and functioning of equipment (speed of processors, operating systems, peripherals and access to the internet), as well as availability of general and educational softwares. In other words, availability of ICT alone is insufficient and must be accompanied by technical as well as pedagogical support.

Theoretical Overview of let in Chemistry

The role of ICT in education is commonly associated with a process of "educational innovation", educational uses of ICT in chemistry teaching mind tools and tools. These abilities were considered less importantly in the school curriculum before. Schools cannot ignore the impact of technology and the changing face of the curriculum. Furthermore, ICT addresses the actual changes that must take place to apply technology in order to create some modifications in curriculum design and start the alteration to Symonds as "High Tech High".

Bennett has suggested urgent changes in the roles of teachers, students and computers, so that students would interact collaboratively with teachers and technology. Harris has noted that educators have to accept changes in their interactions with students and have to support students as their roles changes. Those who have researched on application of technology in science and its effects on high school are able to see vast changes occurring in this field. In particular, it provides new opportunities for chemistry teaching and opportunities for interaction and communication.

Studies showed that use of technology and suitable environment has improved the students' skills). The assumption here is that the use of ICT has changed the pedagogical roles of teachers and a compelling rationale for using ICT in schools is its potential to act as a catalyst in transforming the ...
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