Evangelical Christian Movement

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Evangelical Christian Movement

Evangelical Christian Movement


Evangelical Churches and the Evangelical movement are diverse congregations and denominations Christian Protestants who are spread throughout the world and claiming three basic beliefs in their teaching : the Trinity , the Salvation only by faith in Christ and biblical inerrancy.

They are characterized by evangelism , a personal experience of conversion, with a faith biblically oriented and a belief in the relevance of Christian faith in cultural matters. They also tend to defend a free interpretation of the Bible, so that there are different degrees of differentiation among evangelical churches at the level of ecclesiology (government), liturgy (worship style) or secondary doctrines, giving rise to what is known as Names.

Although commonly all people, churches and social movements are called evangelical Protestants, in some countries the term refers only to a certain group within Protestantism.


Christian Reconstructionism is a complex movement of neo-Puritan scholars and evangelical Calvinist theology. Drawing history and the Scriptures together, Reconstructionists attempt to combine a dominionoriented, postmillennial understanding of theonomy with various historical examples of anti-Erastian church-state structures. The goal of the movement is to integrate every aspect of American life into a consistent world view based upon the abiding validity of the Old Testament Law in exhaustive detail. Spearheaded by the Chalcedon Foundation of Vallecito, California, proponents of this movement desire to counter the ever-increasing influence of secular humanism in America today.

Jesus camp

The Hollywood Saloon's Andy Siems listed Jesus Camp as one of his favourite films of 2007 saying it gave a balanced and insightful look at The Evangelical Christian movement. Andy is himself a born again Christian and as in many instances I have sought out recommendations from the show often discovering many gems along the way.

We are informed that an Evangelical Christian is 'saved' by a process of accepting Jesus as their savoir for their past and future sins. I've always had a rather sceptical view of born again Christians wondering what it is the individual concerned needs saving from? No matter how hard I try, I can't get over the thought that there a skeletons in the closet with these people that fuels their rather zealous embracing of the concept of being 'saved' and what better subjects to project this guilt onto than the minds of a children?

Although many children attend the Church directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady choose to follow three in particular. First is Levi. A likable intelligent boy home schooled by his mother. Among the gems of Levi's home schooling is that global warming is a political creation by the left because the increase in temperature in the United States is only half a degree. Clearly the word 'global' failed to ring any bells with mother who wantonly throws science and fact out of the window in favour of the slightly more fantastical teachings of creationism. Levi has aspirations of becoming a preacher and even gives a sermon at Jesus Camp and as we will later see even gets some advice from my particular ...
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