Examining The Theme Of Toy Story 3

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Examining the theme of Toy Story 3


There are a huge number of Toy Story fans, and it is certain that the fans must have rushed in the theaters to watch Toy Story 3. There were high expectations as even after 16 years, people still remember Toy Story 1 which was a magical, heartwarming and an exciting experience brought by Pixar. It became part of the popular culture not only in the United States but reached all corners of the world. After the launch of the second part, the fans were once again taken back to the world of adventure, action, emotion, with pure and intense feelings. The satisfaction of the fans resulted in the success of Toy Story 3. Pixar did not disappoint. With high expectations and hope from movie, fans were fascinated and surprised to see the digital characters of the plastic toys which a person cannot find in real life. The movie revolves around the theme that the owner of the toys “Andy” has grown and is ready to go to college, creating a sense of abandonment in Woody, Buzz and company. The fear of being left behind is hard to bear for the toys, a situation that became worse when Andy's mom made a mistake, and the toys end up in the trash and then to a nursery. The nursery first looked too good to be true, but later it turned out to be a prison for the toys which was hard to escape. The toys survive and manage to find Andy again, but all the efforts come to an end when Andy leaves them behind and moves on with his life, the harsh reality of life which even Woody accepts.

Thesis Statement

The theme of the film is “letting go and moving on”.


My intention is not to gut the ...
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