Executive Report For Hidden Valley Cabins

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Executive Report for Hidden Valley Cabins

Executive Report for Hidden Valley Cabins

Executive summary

The research paper details about the Hidden Valley Cabins, which can take advantage of the current situation as well as the future growth of tourism of Queensland. The resort so far has not implied many facilities and packages for the visitors which create a good opportunity for it to reap profits. The marketing strategies have to be focused by which they can be visible to a larger group of visitors, which thus would generate revenue for the resort.


Queensland, a state of Australia, in north- east of the country. It is Australia's sunshine state. The name Queensland is name after after the name of Queen Victoria who in 1859 separated the colony from New South Wales by signing the letters patent. Queensland is bestow by natural beauty with Sunshine Coasts, Bunya Mountains, Gold Coast, Great Dividing Range, Carnarvon Gorge, waterfalls, Whitsunday Islands and Hinchinbrook Island. It contains six of world heritage including Australian Fossil Mammal Sites, Great Barrier Reef, Gondwana Rainforest, Fraser Island, Lamington National Park and Wet Tropics Of Queensland.Purpose of Report

The purpose of the report is to explore the tourism market of Queensland, which can benefit Hidden valley cabins reaping out profitability. The report will focus on the present situation of the resort and opportunities that can be tapped.


Market Background

Hidden valley cabins are located in the Townsville's landscape with running river gorge since 1986. It is focused on environmental and pursuits 100% solar power and is the first resort in Australia being a carbon sound resort. It has six cabins with four rooms, spa and swimming pool. It is a model for a relaxing holiday to recharge one-self. Hidden valley is rapidly becoming a destination for tourists. It can cater the tour to platypus and fascinating birds, with 130 species that have been viewed at hidden valley cabins.

Government of Queensland is commenting to create $10 million tourism industry support package in order to enhance small-scale business in Queensland. It was stated by the federal treasurer Wayne swan that Queensland backbone it tourism and it alone produce e $9 billion per annum with 51 million tourists visiting Queensland in 2010 (Brisbane, 2011). The main tourist destination in Queensland is port Douglas, Brisbane Cairns, Gold Coast, Daintree Rainforest, Hervey Bay, Great Barrier Reef, Airline Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Daydream Island, Sunshine Coast and Hamilton Island. Accommodations in Queensland provide nearly 22% of total expenditure proceeded by airfare 11%, meals/restaurants 15%, shopping 11% and fuel 11% (www.discoverqueensland.com). When tourist visits Australia, 31% of the tourist prefers to visit Queensland out of 77% because of it being rich in rainfalls, beaches and national parks.

Queensland has a number of highways and motorways of high quality namely m1. Transport facilities in Queensland is of motorways, highways, ferries, airports, seaports, railways and bus with all working on state of the art technology and connecting all the places (http://www.tq.com).Market Size

Queensland receives both tourists, international and domestic. By 2006, Queensland received 1.2 million international visitors and 2.8 million domestic travelers, which is 23% of the domestic travelers of ...
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