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How to Teach Expository Writing to Students?

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How to Teach Expository Writing to Students?


Any non-fictional writing which interprets, clarify or explain any subject is refer as expository writing. It is important to remember that while writing an expository paper a writer must support its arguments from reliable sources as this non-fiction form of writing attempt to interpret or explain any topic, which would be incomplete without supporting the arguments from previously conducted researches. (Akhondi, Malayeri & Samad, 2011) The reliable sources in an expository paper refer newspaper articles, research journals, scholarly work, books, personal interviews, websites and other works written by any individual or corporate authors. An expository paper provides evidence to support the statement or position. An expository paper can be written on a simple subject of history or it can provide technical manual for building aero planes. In simple words an expository essay can be define as any written form that provides detailed information on any important topic including but not limited to science, history, geography, nanotechnology etc. While writing an expository paper a writer must make his/er statements crystal clear by keeping in mind that people will read the expository essay. The factor of clarity is of the top most priority in an expository paper because writing would be of no use if no one can understand, no matter how typical or easy a topic is, a writer should reflect his/er thoughts clearly in an expository paper. (Hall, Sabey & McClellan, 2005)

In this paper methods to teach students about expository writing will come under discussion and the arguments by the author will be supported from the previously conducted studies in the same or related domain. However, it is important to discuss the process of writing as this is the basic but the most important part of the discussion.

Teaching expository writing to the students

For the purpose of teaching the expository writing following a writing process has been developed in this paper. The process of writing an expository paper involves a series of steps, which are also followed to write an essay, a story, a poem, a letter, advertisement, etc. (Medina, 1994; Wright & Rosenberg, 1993) For the purpose of teaching expository writing to students, following guideline should be taught to the students as this will help students to organize their thoughts and clearly express their thoughts in words, for students a good piece of writing also means better grade in exams.

What students should do to write without mistake for the first time?

The toughest task for a student is to write an error free expository essay for the first time; however this is not impossible. A good teacher can teach his/er students to write for an expository paper without mistake even in the first attempt.

The Steps of the Process of Writing: 

For teaching expository writing to the students a teacher should teach the following process as this will help writers in developing their skills. Following process of writing has been endorsed by many previous ...
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