Ezen Computer Services - Business Plan

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EZEN Computer Services - Business Plan

EZEN Computer Services - Business Plan

Background of EZEN

EZEN is an IT oriented company which initiated its operations as a corporation in the year 2000 in the USA. It deals in providing business and software solutions to various major fortune companies and small and medium enterprises. The core competencies of EZEN lies in providing transactional and transformational IT solutions, application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, product development, consulting, e-solutions(e-business and e-engineering), business intelligence, data warehousing, enterprise application integration, enterprise resource planning, product data management, product life cycle management, and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). It offers a wide range of technology, IT consultation and recruitment outsourcing services on 24/7 basis. It is currently located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

EZEN's Mission Statement

EZEN mission is to evolve as a chief technology collaborator to its customers, facilitating them to attain greater success with the help of discreet software revelations. EZEN focuses on utilizing its strong potential to sustain the modifications taking place in the sector of technology by nurturing its intellectual resources "workforce" and assisting them to reach self-actualization, making sure that high quality solutions are delivered to go beyond customers' expectancy by putting noteworthy value to its offerings.

EZEN's Management Team

EZEN holds an extensive experience with unique talent and commitment of its workforce in taking EZEN to the new heights and cross inaccessible boundaries as a respected provider of IT / KPO services in e-business, e-engineering, business intelligence, application development and support services infrastructure, knowledge process outsourcing and supply chain consulting. EZEN leads the team of highly qualified professionals and retains many of the staff holding BS / MS technology in business schools and MBA degrees in the U.S.

Kumar is a businessman and founder of EZEN and has been designated on the post of executive vice president and general manager since the creation of this company. He is also a member of the Board of Directors. He holds 20 years of experience in the sector of information technology, engineering and general management. In EZEN, his responsibilities include overall operations, profitability, leadership development and new initiatives. Previously, he worked as an engineer, conductor and director of several organizations of large companies. He is a mechanical engineering graduate from Madras University, India.

Anna was a businessman before joining EZEN. He has a degree in biology at Kakatiya University, Ph.D. in Computer Science from NIIT and an MBA from the University of Northern Virginia.

Mallik is a passionate leader with a dynamic personality and currently appointed as manager sales and marketing operations in EZEN, India. His role lies in the creation and development of EZEN business solutions in India. He searches for perfection in everything he does. He holds an 8 years of prosperous global experience prior to his joining at EZEN.

EZEN's Leadership

EZEN leadership team has a cumulative experience of over 80 years in the Information Technology industry. The management is well supported by a team of experts in the areas of management, finance, operations, technical and sales & ...