FBI Agent

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FBI Agent

FBI Agent

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, functions as the United States government's principal crime investigation team. A branch of the Department of Justice, the bureau's mission is to enforce the country's laws, defend against terrorist threats, and provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies at all levels. Since the FBI handles an enormous variety of investigations, an agent typically specializes in a certain field.


The FBI agent job description includes investigating many forms of criminal activity, such as bribery, cyber crime, drug trafficking, financial and other white-collar crime, kidnapping and organized crime. The FBI agent also investigates airplane hijackings, international espionage and potential terrorist threats, and conduct sensitive national security investigations. The FBI agent is responsible for investigating any interstate criminal activity. FBI agents solve cases involving violations of more than 260 federal statutes(Theoharis 2004). The FBI's primary responsibility is to protect the United States from national security threats. Threats can originate on foreign soil or from within the United States. Terrorism, organized crime, public corruption, air piracy and drug-trafficking are just a few of the threats it contends with. FBI agents are responsible for enforcing 300 federal statutes pertaining to national security issues. This involves conducting special investigative procedures within the areas of law enforcement and intelligence matters. Job tasks include executing search warrants, gathering evidence, meeting with informants, making arrests and testifying in court.

Job Description

Now, FBI being a governmental law enforcement agency, there is division of duties or labor as we call it and thus, an FBI agent typically handles a particular aspect of investigation. So starting off, the job description of an FBI agent fundamentally entails investigation of crime. These criminal acts can range from drug trafficking to cyber or internet crime to bribery to financial crimes and organized crimes. All these are 'so to say' run of the mill matters for an FBI agent. What lights up a 'real tough' FBI agent's eyes is a high end case like airplane hijacking, international espionage and inter state criminal activity and sensitive national security matters. For all these investigations and getting the culprit out of the burrow, an FBI agent needs to be very deductive and intelligent. He or she should immediately be able to come to the possible suspects and motives (Kessler 1993).

FBI Agent Job Description: On Field

The job description of an FBI agent also requires the agent to dwell upon the evidence, ponder over missing links in a case, and crack it. This means that an FBI agent has to go on the field, to confirm his doubts or to eliminate them. Going on field includes surveillance activities, encounter with criminals and so on. An FBI agent always has to be on his toes and needs to be alert all the time. Field activity also involves arresting the criminals, when needed. Everything considered, its not a very big deal for a seasoned FBI agent. Its all in a day's work for them!

FBI Agent Job Description: Off the Crime Scene

When not on field ...
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