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Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook and Instagram


Facebook is a social networking website which was launched in 2004. Today, there are around 850 million users worldwide. It allows anyone with an account to create their profile and to publish information for which visibility is controlled by the Facebook to others. The use of this network extends from the simple sharing of private information (through photographs, links, text, etc.) to the constitution of pages and groups to make known institutions, companies or various causes (Cosh, 2007, pp. 12). All the information published on these two media, unlike the profile, can be accessed by any user without the need to open an account (with the notable exception of the names of members who are partially obscured in this case). Facebook provide a number of features which grasps customer's attention. Providing personal information over the internet is one of the most critical concerns of social net workers, and Facebook with its remarkable feature and settings makes non customers to potential customers. In this paper I will discuss the communication issue and remedies implemented by the management and most importantly the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for providing better services to its customer in sharing information in a most convenient manner.

Facebook Communication and Global Expansion

Communication between people over the internet was the ultimate goal of Mark Zuckerberg. If you were to take a poll of a group of high school and college students, the majority would tell you that Facebook is the way to communicate with friends and family. Facebook has become accessible from nearly anywhere in the world, and this can be attributed to the development of technology such as the iPhone, and other smart phones. Phones are no longer simply used for phone calls and simple one-word text messages, but now are the lifeline of a majority of people worldwide. Although the eighteen to twenty-two age range has the highest percentage of users, the largest jump in the social networking scene has been those who are thirty-five and older. According to the Forrester Research report, while young people march toward almost universal adoption, the most rapid growth has occurred among consumers 35 and older. Facebook has not only popular with its users, but the site has also caught the eye of many large corporations. Ford Motor, Starbucks and Chevron are among major businesses using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to sell products, service customers and communicate to the masses. Furthermore, according to Forrester Research, 95% of 1,217 business decision makers surveyed last year said they plan to use social networks (Dan, 2008, pp. 13). Thus proving, Facebook has truly become an entity of communication worldwide, and should not be considered to be a cyber-world that removes people from the real-world. Facebook is a way to communicate, people are more likely to attend high school and college reunions because of shared interests with friends, thanks to social-networking services such as Ning and Facebook, according to both ...