Factors Estimating The Production

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Factors Estimating The Production

Factors Estimating The Production


Production Managers work across all genres in television production including documentaries, current affairs, light entertainment or children's programmes, situation comedies, soaps or serial dramas, or one off dramas. They are responsible for all the organisational aspects of production scheduling and budgeting. They assist Producers to interpret and realise the Directors' vision, both financially and logistically.  Production Managers may be employed by production companies or broadcasters, or work on a freelance basis.

The Production Manager, as the key person in the Production department, must liaise closely with all other Heads of Department to ensure that productions run smoothly, meet deadlines, and stay within budgets. Production Managers closely monitor schedules and budgets throughout shoots, preparing daily report sheets for Producers, detailing all aspects of each day's shoot. Production Managers must be able to deal with any contingencies during pre-production and shooting, and prepare workable alternative plans. They oversee all aspects of the day to day running of shoots, from contract preparation to all Health and Safety requirements, and work closely with members of all other production departments, actors, and other contributors. They report directly to Producers.

Some problems may be overcome by a sufficient input of labor, capital or ingenuity, but other problems may require resources or present challenges that are more than you want to tackle. Some potential challenges include:

production management research and information on the new enterprise is unavailable

the cost to extend the growing or grazing season is high

breeding stock or seed is unavailable

cash flow problems due to the time lag before the produce, stock or service is sold

availability of full-time and seasonal labor

cost of meeting environmental requirements

cost and time to acquire services such as electricity, natural gas, telephone, water and waste disposal

cost of liability insurance

Included in this factsheet are production-related worksheets that are designed to help you judge the feasibility of producing a product or providing a service. The worksheets help you identify potential problems and challenges related to the following requirements:




buildings and facilities

machinery and equipment

management and labor

quality and production rates

business size

legal, regulatory and liability factors

environmental checks

Source of Production Information

Depending on your experience and the enterprise, product or sevice you're exploring, some of these worksheets may be more relevant than others. You may need to do some research to complete the worksheets. Production information for new enterprises can be obtained from Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AAFRD).

Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development's specialists have access to many resources that can help you complete the exercises in this factsheet. Even if your enterprise is nontraditional or unusual, specialists can use their extensive networks to obtain information from colleagues in other regions. They may also recommend useful resources and refer you to producers with similar enterprises.

Production budgets

Production or enterprise budgets describe the production requirements and costs of producing crops or livestock. Published by Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, universities and some trade ...
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